Monday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Mar 14 2011

Hope you had a great weekend.  Time to make some money buying and selling this week. That’s what we’re supposed to do right? Hopefully we’ll find a couple today. The dot nets rule today with a lot of product domains.   No matter what you find,  it’s going to be a fun week.  With March Madness going on it’s always fun.  Let’s take a look at today’s names. 2.7 million searches are always nice.  When you have that many searches I think you’ll be fine with the dot net.   1999 registration A perfect name for me because I sell a lot of bulbs.  I’ll see what it goes for but I’ll be right beside you bidding.  I’ll be the guy with the hat on. I don’t really have to say why this one is a good name do I? 1 million searches.  One of the better dot nets in the last month 1900 searches and although I don’t like this as well as most of the other names I see some value.  65 bidders seem to think its worth owning Over a million searches and a $55,000 value at valuate. I realize many don’t like info but I do think it works for info sites (pun intended).  I think this keyword works here The kid is going to be all over this one. 676,000 searches and a $1.62 CPC I used to collect Stickley Oak furniture but now I can’t stand it for some reason.  Good thing it held its value.  This name should as well

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