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A Sunday Gift: A Bonus List of Drop and Auction Picks for Today

I don’t do too many pick lists on Sunday but there are enough decent names dropping today AND I had a little extra time to put it together.  Maybe you’ll find a name you like in this list and your Sunday will be just a little better. A real PR 6.  Pagerank 6 domains usually go for over $1000 so I expect this to be no different.  27,000 links. Normally I love color plus animal domains but this may be the only one in the world that I may not like.  Comes across a little racist and thus the no bids. One of my newest favorite sports.  I have to admit it may be because of the girls but you have to start somewhere. I know what wool is but not real familiar with wools. 59 bidders love it, OK like it. Could be used in so many wrong ways It’s slang but pretty popular slang. ARA would love to have this one Great name, directship is obviously better but this one is a good buy under $1000 I think this is a great deal at $5.  Startup looking name.  (just made up that term)

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5 Replies to “A Sunday Gift: A Bonus List of Drop and Auction Picks for Today”

  1. .us probably won’t ever see much startup use in the “web startup” sense. .com is the gold standard there for too many reasons to list.

    Occasionally there might be an application built on it that catches fire (,, but it’s real strength is in the ‘web presence’ sense for an existing business, particularly those that might ‘get it’ on the power of generic keywords and are willing to spend a bit to obtain an industry relevant one in .us that would be otherwise unattainable or cost prohibitive in .com.

    These are what you want to go after. might be fine in .com, but in .us, stick with or or or That’s what people buy in that TLD.

  2. ^ Oh, and on that, ymmv ^

    This is just my own experience occasionally reselling top-top quality, generic .us domains. I’ve made a pretty decent hit doing with this TLD over the past 4 or so years, with one particular sale that was very high.

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