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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Selections: 20 Year Old Domain Up Today 20 Years old.  One of the oldest domains I’ve seen for sale in a while. Presently at $1200 Any of you domain investors like this name?  I thought you might  I have for $300 if you would rather have that one The oldest profession in the world and there are no bidders? Love it, love it A common term for what it takes to accomplish a hard task.  Also what happens when a fat guy tries P90X All you need is a mediator, 3 years of income verification, and the total loan amount of cash in the bank and they’ll approve you. Everyone knows the word even if they don’t use the past tense very often.  Good for anything winter related There are a hell of a lot of people named Fernando.  Never met one with a lot of money though. Buying this is squatting in my opinion.  Just pointing this out.  That is unless you are having a Wizard of OZ festival and even that has trademarks is what I used to find these names.  Try it if you want to find your own Love this one and I do. Pretty good buy at $10 At $1000.  History says it’s worth more Another great

I always wonder who’s buying these names and as I perused through this list I noticed littledragon and  Evidently he and I have the same taste

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. “…Also what happens when a fat guy tries P90X”

    I can personally verify that statement (down almost 20lbs at the halfway point, though).

  2. Since you are a fan did you go after Shane ? Its nice and with the age pretty sweet.

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