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Using Property Equivilents to Explain TLD Values

I was trying to explain to a friend which tlds to buy and their values. I came up with this list that I thought would help him understand the relative values between all the tlds using US cities. I didn’t include most ccTlds in my list due to the lack of international appeal for many of them. Yes I realize this is huge generalization but he got the point.

.com………………Laguna Beach, California. Nothing here seems to be cheap. Some homes are more valuable than others but unless you get super far off the beach or overpay you’ll be fine with a purchase
.net………………..Ft. Myers, FL There is still some great property here, and some beach front. Not quite as valuable as it was a few years ago but still plenty of buyers. Old school property and a few people dumping
.org ………………Greenwich, Conn Feels classy, but not for everyone. Owning property here tells a little about you.
.info……………… Indianapolis, IN Nothing wrong with the property here. There’s good and bad but only a few places with the value of any of the above.
.us…………………Middleton, WI Everyone knows Madison WI but not Middleton. Fairly priced and usually get more value than what you pay.
.co………………..Las Vegas, NV High risk/reward. Buying low right now but could still go either way.
.me………………..Naperville, IL Fast growing suburb of Chicago. There’s some big money that lives here but they make their real money in Chicago and play here
.tv……………………Orlando, FL Like Orlando, everything based on one entity. People try and say there’s more to it but it’s only really about one thing. Disney (in .tv’s case video)

I’m sure you can pick this apart and feel free. If you want to come up with your own list feel free to put it in the comments.

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13 Replies to “Using Property Equivilents to Explain TLD Values”

  1. .jobs…………..Pyongyang, North Korea, everthing based on a closed regime where competition and equality are frowned upon

    .cc…………….Upernavik, Greenland, buy in the off chance that populations are going to move northward.

  2. lol, nicely put Shane. It may be fair to mention that even in Laguna Beach, California, there may be some bank owned, never remodeled properties. 🙂

  3. Another way to see the best domains in each extension.

    .com Priceless, Platinum and Gold
    .net mix of Silver and Bronze
    .org mix of Bronze and Silver

    .co Fool’s Gold 🙂

  4. The whole point of this is if Shane’s friend understand. or better put, understood the basics.

    Sure you can argue about .org and .info and throw in .de into the mix that has more registrations then .net yadda yadda.

    The simple fact remains. How it works. And this is what the post explains. And if Shane’s friend get’s it, he already got more insight then 5 billiion other people on this planet.

    Have a great day.

  5. I’d say .co is about like Port Charlotte, FL, circa 2006.
    A bunch of empty houses being traded around and “invested in” amongst speculators, without anyone bothering to worry if people are actually moving in.

    .me- Roanoke, VA. Nice enough for what it is, but unless you have a very specific reason to be there, there’s no point in going out of your way to have anything to do with it.

    .us: Austin, TX.
    Underrated, under-priced, will never be New York City but just dandy for what it is. The large numbers of people “discovering” the place seems to be occurring under the radar without the larger world noticing… Those who already live there “get it” in terms of what Austin has to offer, even though some others do not see it.

    .net- Chicago. The Second Banana. Will always have its place in the world, some premier areas, but the neighborhood seems to be declining (disclaimer- I live here)

    .com is New York City. The undisputed big papa, but nevertheless in a rapidly changing world.

  6. I like your analogies, Shane. It’s always funny how .CO conjures up such resentment in other commenters. That’s how a person knows that it is doing okay. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t bother with it, but they do. Whenever .CO is mentioned, the comment boards light up. The resentment just adds fuel to the fire.

    I think your risk/reward analogy fits to a tee.

  7. Congrats on a very unique explanation of values.

    I like the article and the comments.

    .biz = Delaware. Known for the place for large companies to register corporations. Very specific… business.

    .fm = Nashville

  8. Nice post. You lost me on the last two, .ME and .TV. In my opinion, those would be the equivalent of Florida Swampland — it’s readily available and you can buy some nice and cheap, but good luck building a sustainable foundation on it and even better luck when you try to sell it.

  9. Oh…one more thing…I would equate the proposed gTLD’s with the North Pole. Nice to discuss and write about, but no one in their right mind is ever really gonna want to live there nor are internet customers ever going to want to visit.

  10. .tel – everything is the same , and this is the beauty of it.
    Someday soon you will not go to your Yellowpages or Google to find the contact for your doctor, restaurant or your plumber .
    You will remember to go directly to , or to get all the information you need

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