Happy Thanksgiving But More Importantly Be Thankful

Nov 24 2011

You’re going to get a lot of Happy Thanksgivings today and I’d like to extend mine today as well. Regardless of whether this is a tradition you celebrate I think it’s a great day to reflect.

To reflect on all the positives of the past year. To be thankful of all the opportunities that the Internet has provided and at the same time realize it it can be the same thing that hinders our personal growth.

It’s these opportunities that often take away time from our family. Yes they are a few feet away, but our mind is focused somewhere else. The constant parked position at our desks. These are the days that remind us that the wife and kids are the best investments in time we ever made. Our friends and family accept us and know who and what we really are. Not the screen names and the embellished persona we have created online. Just little old us.

Yes I’m a little more sentimental because I’ve just spent the entire week with my family. It’s reminded me yet again why I work. To be able to enjoy my free time a little more. I hope you’ll remember to do the same and enjoy these days

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  1. Jason Stewart

    Great Post Shane,

    I’ve been spread thin these past few weeks so haven’t been visiting much. Awesome post to see, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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