SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 27th

Oct 27 2012

In a hurry today. I actually went out with the family and didn’t have too much time to run the names. Here’s what I came up with. I will be adding more in the morning so make sure to stop back by.  Because nobody knows how to spell algorithm  No bidders.  13 year old domain would be a good marketing domain for a back doctor or fake back doctor aka chiropractor  No bidders 13 year old domain. I realize there is not a lot of value here but it IS very easy to remember and for a company the does any business in snow it would work well.  I may buy it The dot orgs seem to be making a bit of a comeback this year. My data? Just feels like it  PR3. Was actual website for the city of Pana.  1 Bidder Lots of dot info dropping lately but I think this one is worth $20 Adding the word “the” takes this 16 year old domain from $10,000 to $12 Only Americans are going to see why this has any value Could be used for a workout site or anything somebody needs to get more of. Simple terms, passes the radio test and has some age (15 years old)  Of course nobody would use them to go into the wild.  They would wear the clothing to the clubs.  Like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 99% of those haven’t seen a gravel road  Again, nice simple words.  Could be more than a traffic delivery service

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