Did You Actually Build Out Your Domain Idea? NamesCon Wants to Help You Get Exposure

Dec 23 2015

Everyone who buys a domain talks about what they would do with it.  Did you you actually follow through and create a domain product or service?  If you’re a new startup that’s related to domain investing and want to showcase your new baby to the world,  NamesCon may be able to help.
Richard Lau and Company are offering a “Hand Up for Start Up” Scholarship Contest.  Each winner of the scholarship will receive a free spot in their “Network Lane” at NamesCon .  Network Lane is a one day event that ” enables newcomers, entrepreneurs and other companies set up at a high-top table, with a retractable banner to have an “up close and
personal” networking day. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the NamesCon community, and given that it’s on the first day of the conference it will set everyone off on the right foot for the duration of the show.”
  i.e. the exact kind of exposure a new domain service or product could use.  Almost 1000 potential clients served up on a platter.

In order to be considered for the scholarship all you need to do is answer two questions by December 31st

  • What is your website?
  • What is the problem your product/service solves for those in the domain industry?

Just send the answers to [email protected] and they will let you know if you’ve been chosen on January 1st.

If you are chosen here are 8 ways I think will help you stand out at your booth.

1. Don’t look like anyone else.  Maybe you already stand out. Most people don’t.  Wearing something completely different than anyone else is a surefire way to draw attention and memorability

2. Props.  I you put up a 3 foot Blue Beaver it will draw attention.  Getting them to stop at your booth is your first goal.  You’ll sell them from there.  I can guarantee that an investment in a good prop is worth its weight in gold.  I’ve put a 30 foot tree in our booths and people come from the other side of the event center to see if its real

3. Freebies.  The oldest one in the book.  But it works.  I wear my Domain Capital shirt every night to bed.  Most comfortable shirt I own.  It can also cost you a fortune if just set them out on the desk and make it a free for all.   Keep the good stuff and give it to the right people.  Just have to figure out who the right people are.

4.  Act like you want to be there.  As simple as it sounds, most people struggle with this.  Working a trade show booth is tough.  It’s tiring being on your feet all day.  Selling all day is exhausting.  You show up in khakis and a polo shirt and stand there and you’re booth is going to be passed over all day.  Man your booth with a smiling, enthusiastic person and you’ll do well.

5.  Know why you’re there.  Be prepared to be quick about it. You have about 5 seconds to pitch.  If it takes longer you’ll lose 75% of your potential customers.  Have a few questions ready.  You need to engage people and get them to want to know more.  Think about this ahead of time. You know your product is great, but trying to convince them in the first 5 minutes it is great is not your goal.  To get them curious about your product is.

6. Work with the organizer to get the “best spot” in the room.  If you use number one and really stand out, that will be anywhere in the Network Line.  Won’t have to worry, they’ll see you

7.  Pay a domain “celebrity” to help man your booth. I’m sure if you can get Harrison Ford that would help. Either way , a face that most people will know and attract attention.  Everyone seems pretty busy at the show but you never know until you try (no I’m not a celebrity)

8.  If all else fails get Tracey Fogarty of eNaming  to stand in your booth. Always seems to be a crowd around her for some reason

For More information about the Scholarship you can go HERE.

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