Spending has never been a problem for Amazon.  The philosophy of the owner Jeff Bezos has always been to reinvest back into things that will increase revenue.  Amazon recently bought the security system Ring for a cool billion dollars.  And now it has been noted by DomainInvesting.com   that the registration info of Prime.com has changed to Amazon.


I’ve never been a big believer that a brand has to buy the domain name of every single component of their business. Unless its a standalone business and traffic destination it’s not necessary.  But when your segment gets into the billions of dollars, spending a million or two to make it easier for the user its easily justified.  It’s also a nice upgrade from AmazonPrime.com. Finally they will now pick up another spot in the top 10 results for the keyword Prime.    Looks like ReptilePrime.com is about to get knocked to the second page

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