My Analysis of the Broker Comment Section Domain Names

Feb 05 2015

Elliot Silver, in a partnership with, has brought to the headlines some of the best domains being brokered each week.  As a service Elliot, lets people post one name in the comment section that each reader has for sale with price.  I thought I would have a little fun and go through that list, just like I do my normal daily list.  With a little commentary on each one.   $1500   71 million Google results and a high CPC.  Probably one of the most fair prices in the comment   $300     Says offer is good for 48 hours.   I suggest watching Avatar 16 times instead and letting it expire

Dining.Guide  35.000     That period is translated as a comma but if it were a period and a zero was removed then you have a deal.  But for $35K I can have like 6 or 7 good meals in Vegas  $9500   I wait for the discount  $1500    I agree that you should be in cash versus Bitcoins.  Take the good advice and move on  $1900 + Escrow Not a bad name but if someone is going to give you $1900 just pay escrow.   Owner is getting

Removed   $3000     Aftermarket has this at $750-$1500 so this isn’t a crazy price.  Just won’t get the sale out of comment section. I was wrong, Sold $3000 + Escrow   There’s that greedy thing again. If someone pays that kind of dough for this you ought to give him a massage and hug.   And what am I supposed to do with handwaving?  $3000     I like to keep a good supply of dollars on hand myself.  But I’m not going to spend them on this one.   At least its a dot com.   That’s always a positive  $2495   This is the kind of name you put at a brand site and wait.  They’ll have to keep waiting today  $25   The most honest price on the board.   $8,0000   5 years ago, maybe. Now I’ll spend the $8K on an actual trip to Scotland  $1995 split Escrow    At least he is going to split escrow.  But it expired in 10 days.  Unfortunately I need to think about it for 11 days  $25oK   The owner is a mental midget.   I know I can’t say that word any more but couldn’t think of anything better  $17,500  Holograms are the future and that’s where you’ll have to go to sell this one  $750   Future tense and present tense should never be mixed.  It’s like having Konstantinos and Negari in the same room  $240   Somebody didn’t get the memo that .mobi had been kicked out of the Internet

Tail.Club   $15,000   Evidently its very expensive to buy a piece of tail in this club.  I think I’m going to go to another club.  Too much drinking of the Kool-Aide from the $999   For a grand you could have at least thrown in the other T

Festivals.Club $26,000  Damn you Bill McClure. See what you’ve done!!  $100 for 24 hours.  Too bad, it’s been 26 hours.  I was too busy motorbiking and missed my chance.  I can still buy it?  Nope, rules are rules.   $2.5K This would sell on Flippa but for 1/10 of that price, Maybe 1/5 $2000   Nothing is more romantic that making out with face masks on.  Actually not a bad travel name.  Worth $500 IMO  $1699   Fair price considering the CPC.  A must build out though as the resale value is this price and no higher  $1500   Worst name on board.  The seller urgently needs to drop this one  $25,000    Even Bruce Jenner won’t pay this price

OK I Quit.   The names keep coming and I can’t keep up.  If anyone sells one of the names let me know so I can eat my words.

You can find the original list HERE

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  1. Trent

    It is hard to fathom what people want for GTLD’s as they all have different renewal prices, but people registered them a few months ago and want 5 figures for them, while many’s have been sitting at sedo parked for a decade waiting to get their $599 Fixed price filled. I feel many have been lead down this false path, and with renewals coming due, I am being spammed with silly names for silly prices. Good luck guys.

  2. @Domains

    The funny thing is if many of the names (not all) on that list above were in a DNJournal weekly sales report selling for those amounts, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Look at any weekly domain sales report and it’s full of names/sales that you’d never think would happen. Though those sales are less likely to happen on a blog post comment section than by holding and waiting for the right buyer to contact you. I’ve given up trying to understand why some domains sell for the prices they do.

  3. Raymond sold $15885 in 2012
    So Festivals.Club is not far out $26000 as I listed… never know who’s loaded with money to be my victims…..
    I will never it sell for $2……or I give it free to my love ones…….

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