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And Here are the Results For the First “Which One Sold For More”

UPDATE:  Chef Patrick only got 6 right so the title this week is owned outright by SL and the runner up prize goes to the other Patrick for pointing it out

We actually had a tie.  Both SL and Chef Patrick got 7 correct but since SL had his answer in first he is the winner , so as promised……..SL is this Week’s Champion (notice the bold). The consolation prize goes to Patrick and that is the fake free trip on DNCruise, but since it’s his Cruise it goes back into the kitty.   Thanks to everyone that played.  People did exactly how I expected them to do.  Overall,  most people were about 50/50.  Hopefully we can more people to play next week.  The answers are below with the higher sale price in bold and in each comment I put a number of how many you got right.  Correct me if I tallied wrong but I’m not going to do anything about it anyway.

The First Name is A the Second Name is B

1.  ($2000) Vs ($3500)

2. ($559) Vs ($10,000)

3. ( $4000) Vs ($1000)

4. ($2900) Vs ($2500)

5. (with an s) ($6675) Vs ($7900)

6. ($2500)Vs ($3250)

7. ($2500) Vs ($1250)

8.  ($3,000) Vs ($8400)

9.  ($3100)  Vs ($7500)

10. ($3700) Vs. ($2700)

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4 Replies to “And Here are the Results For the First “Which One Sold For More””

  1. Ah, actually I thought “VegetableC” was “”. Even though ISP and hosting offers do well on .net domains, figured there was no way that was lower than

    Therefore I would definitely have picked over if the typo wasn’t present.

    So, although the victory was sweet and I savored it for many minutes before writing this, in fairness I humbly concede to share the spoils with Chef.

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