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And the Award For Best Dropping Domain and Auction Goes To………….

If your home was anything like mine, yesterday involved the Oscars from 5 o’clock until I went to bed.  I’m in it for the beautiful women in dresses I admit.  Monday’s are usually a bad day for names.  I’m not really sure why but Namejet is notorious for being light on Mondays.  I still found some I liked.   Here they are. What I like most about this domain is there are no bidders meaning it’s going to go for cheap.  A 1997 domain.   Pronation is rolling of the ankles and as a runner it actually comes up in conversation.  To me pronate means “roll with it” Great name for the price.  Or was You guys will be climbing over each other for this one. I don’t need to say more about NNNN.coms.  I will say this ends in 4 meaning I won’t be buying it….I think. Da da da da da. I’m lovin it. These are the kind of domains TeenDomainer gets a woody over.  I think he’s old enough to get those. The word search or any of it’s conjugations is going to have value  Everyone is trying to build url shortners.  Buck the trend.  $4100 valuate with 3500 searches A pretty good 3 letter dot net.  Unfortunately may hit $1K

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. and the award for the 500 error of the day goes to Snapnames

    Server Error (HTTP 500)

    An internal error has occurred on the SnapNames application server.
    Likely, the conditions that resulted in this error are temporary. Should you receive this message again, please contact SnapNames customer support at (800)385-4075.

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