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Everyone Needs a Second Opinion………Or a Wife

There are a million decisions to make on a daily basis and most of them are merely routine and easy.  Then there are the others that have real consequence and there’s nothing more comforting than to have a second opinion.  I’m not talking about a “yes man” at work that you pay and will agree with anything you say.  I am talking about a person that understands the question and can come up with an answer based on their information and experience.  While I am more than capable with handling my business, I have always made it a point to surround myself with great people and great minds to help me make better choices.

Most business people are used to making decisions.  As an owner it’s our job.  To lead, direct, and to be the final say.  The problem we sit on our pedestal so much that we often forget to look at things from another viewpoint.  We have the answers in our mind but often forget to look in the mirror and see things from the other side.  That’s where the second opinions come in. They spur conversation, question why, or validate your answer.  The biggest mistake one can make is only accepting those that validate your decision.  To disregard those that give you a different answer, thinking they are naive, unintelligent, or lacking the experience or pieces of the puzzle to make a good decision.  Nobody will continue to give you a second opinion if you chastise their answer.  The key to getting help or information on decisions is to make the opinion give feel appreciated, regardless if you take into account their answer.

I rely on these second opinions in domaining.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the last years.  Heck I purchased and sold domains for 15 years but until recently I didn’t feel I made very good decisions on a few actions.  Why? Because I didn’t know anyone in the industry to bounce ideas and questions off of.  In the last year I’ve made some good friends and business associates that I can simply email or call and say “What do you think”.   I can’t stress enough the value of this.  It’s not my insecurity in my decisions it’s that I value having an intelligent person add their insight.  The “two heads are better than one” model.   There is also one other person that helps all men make decisions and keeps them grounded…….their wives.

If you want someone to tell it like it is, if you’re like me there is no better source than your wife.  She knows you better than anyone and not only will she freely tell you her opinion, she may actually take the other side just to make you validate your opinion.  She is that mirror that sees you as you really are. It’s a side, a feminine side, that certainly gives me an opinion from a completely different angle.  I may ask a simple question like “What do you think of this domain?”  and she reply with a simple. “You could do better for that price”.  Sure, she’s not an expert, but she’s watched me for years buy and sell domains and guess what, she’s probably right, I can buy a better domain for that price.  I just got caught up in an auction and she probably saved me 5K.

Your wife, your friends, your business associates, your employees, and your mentors.  All incredibly valuable tools to help you make decisions.  All decisions should be questioned if only for a split second.  Routine is the thing that keeps us all productive,  but routine is also the things that kills creativity and can often lead to poor decisions.

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4 Replies to “Everyone Needs a Second Opinion………Or a Wife”

  1. C’mon Man! You do know some of our wives actually read your posts, too, right? I do ask her opinion, but try not to let her know it impacts my decision… Plus, she never lets me buy ANYTHING! Probably a good thing in my case though

  2. Nowadays instead of “You could do better for that price” , my wife says “we can buy another house for that price” or “we’re going where on vacation and you bought what ?”

    The number one thing I value in the domain space is colleagues to bounce stuff off of . . . invaluable, and trust is the key here. There’s lots of trust to build to get to that point .

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