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Apr 09 2012

It was a pretty tight race. The other day I decided to pay $25 for the worst domain that my readers submitted.  There were some pretty rough names submitted but the winner was from Michael H.  I think what put him over the top was the fact he admitted that he just renewed the domain. came in a tight second and may have truly been the worst name because it makes absolutely no sense at all.  AND it has a hyphen that serves no purpose.  If you didn’t read the original post it contained what was perhaps the funnies comment of the year so far from Gary

While all you losers were talking about how bad these names were, I went and hand registered

If Michael agrees, I am the new owner of and he is $25 dollars richer.  Now if I can just get Gary to come down on the $32K for the 3D domain.  Below were the original submissions.

MagicLamp.Me (and he just renewed it)

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  1. Garry Epperson

    Since you gave me my 15 minutes I’ll drop the price down to $26.

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. David

    2nd place! Hurrah! Yes it’s a truly bad domain, don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it, but it’s too old to let it drop so I will hang on to it, for now… 😀

  3. LSWM

    but it’s too old to let it drop

    If someone gave you a pile of shit excavated from a 17th Century Privy, you would display it on your mantle because its old?

    Ihe only time ‘age’ itself is a relevant factor in an otherwise worthless domain is if old enough to be truly novel (Like, 1991).

    1996 is a full year after ‘domainers’ started buying.

  4. jimmy

    seriously? pine beetles have only killed almost the entire rocky mountain national forest… getting a single scotch pine treated costs me 300 bucks each time.

    the pine beetle is probably the biggest thing to happen to the tree care industry since… trees? trying to save the forests from these damn beetles is a nightmare. the environmentalists basically banned logging during the clinton years to “Save the environment” so all the almost dead trees didn’t get logged, and well now our forests are dying like children with aids in africa.

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