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Help Me Pick The Worst Domain From The Following List

The other day I decided I would do the opposite of what most people do and that’s buy the worst domain of names submitted in the comments.  Some of these names are pretty bad and without a doubt $25 is more than they’d ever see for these names. Now its time to pick.  Please vote for the worst domain from this list and I’ll make the owner less embarrassed for buying such a shitty name. Here are the choices and thanks to everyone that played along.  Nice to see a few people admit their mistakes.  I can guarantee there are people that didn’t play along that have much much worse domains in their portfolio.

MagicLamp.Me (and he just renewed it)



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31 Replies to “Help Me Pick The Worst Domain From The Following List”

  1. Not sure which one is the ‘worst’, but there’s definitely 12 reasons why being a registrar is where the real ‘domaining money’ truly is!!

    good grief.

  2. is soon going to be a very valuable domain – it’ll house Minecraft creator Notch’s new game. I’m willing to bet all my money it’ll turn out to be a massive success.

    These are all bad domains otherwise. But none of them is as horrible as I’d hoped they wood be.

    Wasn’t there a site called with some of the most god awful domains in existence?

  3. hands down… … i don’t even know what that means. on the other hand i’d pay decent money for if i could get a1 to come off the phone number. but this was a good post. if you would continue to be interesting more people would read you.

  4. is the worst out of a bad bunch
    however I will vote for the next worst as I want to see you have to transfer it and pay the renewal fee lol is yours biatch lol

  5. If you plan to target Somali endusers, you can’t miss Pirates are known to be wealthy men.

  6. @Acro

    Last year I bought exactly 3 premium-keyword .SO names for a total of $45. Two weeks later I sold one of them for $150 which left me with and another category killer keyword which I’ll give along with Resorts. All in all, it wasn’t a bad investment 🙂

    @spineless coward

    Renewal fee is $15 at Dynadot.

  7. is bad

    but is worse
    is the winner. gets my vote

  8. While all you losers were talking about how bad these names were, I went and hand registered

    If anybody wants it, it’s on GoDaddy premium listing for $32,000.

  9. I vote – i hate dashes . most of the others have keywords that might get indexes by some search engines.

  10. agree with Shane, hilarious Gary

    while they are all bad, makes me smile and i can remember it
    THAT surely makes it worth something lol

  11. My vote goes to as the worst. At least “0x10c” gets some search traffic.

    While these are bad domains, I’m actually surprised the “winners” weren’t worse than this.

  12. or

    PineBeetleWoodProducts while long and worthless for domain speculating, is cogent. Turns out that Pine Beetle Wood is ‘a thing’ unto itself and from said wood, all manner of artisan products are made, due to its distinctive ‘blue’ color.

    You could probably autopilot splog your way to $30-$50 a year with it (if not more). Amazon ads for forestry and woodworking products, hell, who knows? Maybe more.

  13. @ L, you might be ruining my shot at $25 lol.

    The name definitely served it’s purpose when I regged it in 2010. It was one of a few that I grabbed and tested with single articles. A lot can be learned about different niches when dabbling with cheap, ugly names before committing real money.

    Traffic has dropped off completely in recent months, but before then it earned it’s renewal fee.

  14. They are actually all pretty good domains.

    Seriously though, the pine beetle has killed a lot of pine trees in parts of Canada and the US, so ‘pine beetle wood products’ is actually a term common to those areas – special products you can use the dead wood for. You could actually build a webpage on this topic that I bet would get traffic.

  15. I’m going with because of the poor mental image… a floater in the pool.

  16. Gary Epperson said: “I went and hand registered

    “If anybody wants it, it’s on GoDaddy premium listing for $32,000.”

    Hey! I take offense to that! LOL. My pending deletes could have populated the whole showcase of bad domains, but I didn’t have time to submit. I’ll mention one that’s available for hand reg:

  17. What did I do? I thought my comment was humorous. I was self-depracting. Is it because I put a logo in the gravatar, instead of my pic? Whatshisname said I resemble Susan Boyle – as an insult, nothing wrong with her – and that was the end of my posting my picture. is a dropped domain, I volunteered as a sample of some of the bad domains I have registered, and didn’t think that was off-topic.

    Sorry I didn’t vote. My vote on the list above goes to:

  18. when you thanked, “Louise,” in December, I thought it meant me, because I thought I am the only Louise in domaining. Now I see Louise works for one of the companies you do business with. I thought, you like my comments, you think they’re funny after all.

    I don’t want to walk on eggshells. When Chris asked what kind of phone to buy, and I said, check out dual screen, and included a link on my signature to DualScreenPhones my site I was working on, it’s because I really believe in dual screens: software, apps, all that stuff. There was a link to my site, but I thought it might be food for thought. And I still feel the same way.

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