Domain Spotlight: Changes Url to Nevermind Always Has Been

Update:  I evidently didn’t do my homework, as the site has always been and I would take the story down so as to not show my incompetence but it’s still a good story about the success of dot co and is a great site so I’ll leave it up:   If you’re not familiar with AngelList, it’s a website that partners Angel investors with new startups looking for money.  The premise is simple.  If you are an Angel investor you put your profile on the list, what kind of companies you’re looking for, what kind of funding your provide, etc.   Start-ups will then have an easier time finding investors if they can go to one site and have them all waiting.   It’s an easy way to start the conversation.

I haven’t been to the site in a while and today I notice the old url pointed to .   A name that previously on “RESTRICTED AND RESERVED NAMES .COINTERNET” section of dot co.  I think it is a great move for two reasons.  AngelList is WAY too close to AngiesList and secondly Angel is a much easier to spell.   I also find two problems with the name.  One, its a list of Angels, plural,  so I would have chosen the plural or ideally both.  Secondly, Google indexes 14,000 pages of the site but they aren’t even on the first two pages of Google when you search for “”.  You would like to at least rank for your own name.

In general, I think it’s yet another success story for dot co and there is no doubt it’s now officially mainstream in the online world.  Next up, the general public.

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4 Replies to “ Changes Url to Nevermind Always Has Been”

  1. Hi Shane,

    It’s always been, from day one. A few months back, we bought but are continuing to use as our main URL. It’s short and clean, and as you pointed out, doesn’t suffer from the double letter spelling issue. The .co team has been terrific.

    Good tip on the Google SERPs. Thanks.

  2. Was that one of the names from the Founders program? I’m too lazy to look it up. In any case, thanks for the article, Shane. It’s a really well organized site, and I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t pointed it out. Great work, Naval!

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