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The Magic Bullet System For Getting A High Alexa Score and More Traffic

In the old days of 2007 I could write an article, get it to the top of Digg and have an instant 80,000 hits.  Then someone would post it to reddit and another 40,000 would join in.  Add the residual traffic over the next day and you would get 150,000 uniques to your site in just two days.  Getting a million hits a month was a piece of cake if you knew the right people and had the ability to write in a manner that the 18-36 year old crowd enjoyed.  The key to maintaining the traffic and keeping the visitors was a constant flow of unique and consistent content and then having friends in social media.

Fast forward to 2011.  Nothing has changed.  Despite the fact that a good day for me is over 1000 uniques, I still approach blogging and developing sites the same way.  If you want people to come back to your sites you have to keep the content fresh and keep it coming.  A reader can tell when you’re forcing it.  You know the stories, articles that are part two of a successful article yet there was no need for a part two.  We’ve all done it. Trying to repeat the high of a well received article.   It’s a great feeling to see your site’s visitors gradually grow. I find it more enjoyable than the spikes of the old days.  Now readers come because they want to.  Sure they often clicked a headline on but by now most people know me and have decided that I’m either worth following the link or not.

This month marks a year and a half since I started writing this blog.  A year since I’ve started writing regularly.  I think I’ve found my niche and I truly enjoy expressing my thoughts and opinions through the site.  My mind is sharper, my dreams bigger, all because of my daily writing.  I’ve always lived by the saying, “Outsmart the dumb ones, and outwork the smart ones” and I think I’ve worked hard on this blog.  That magic bullet trick that I discussed in the title is called hard work.  There are hundreds of blogs and sites in this niche and there are thousands of things we can do each day.  Most of them can’t commit to regular writing.  They’ve chosen other things that are more important. I’ve chosen to write.  Whether the articles are good, bad, or in between, I put forth the effort.  I realize Alexa really has no value but it’s still a measure.  And my Alexa score is getting better and better each week.  It’s actually dropped under 30,000 for the first time and I have to admit,  I’m pround.  I’m going easily over 20,000 visits this month and although I used to get more than that in a few hours, it still means more to me here.

This may come across as bragging what I mean to get across is really a simple message.  You want to have a successful site, blog, or company?  Put in a lot of hours and work at it every day and it will be successful.  Try and use your own thoughts guided by others opinions. People will always take an ounce of creativity over a pound of repeat.  It’s magic bullet for a high Alexa score and success.

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5 Replies to “The Magic Bullet System For Getting A High Alexa Score and More Traffic”

  1. Congrats Shane – but Alexa really is a misleading indicator of a sites progress and success. One of my sites receives on average 7,000 uniques a day – but very few of them have the Alexa toolbar installed – so my Alexa ranking doesn’t really reflect the visitor numbers.

    1. James,

      I agree if you are talking comparison to other sites but when it comes to comparing my site from one time period to another, it’s dead on. I never rank the traffic for two sites based on Alexa as it all depends on who has the toolbar, but in this case my traffic correlates exactly. Both my visits and pageviews have grown in comparison. Compete is the opposite. It has be at 7,000 visitors and it’s not even close. Only I know what they are and I don’t mind sharing them. I would never brag about Alexa. I have a better Alexa than sites receiving 5 times the traffic and I promise you I’d rather have the traffic than the higher Alexa. Unless it’s not quality traffic.

  2. Guess the moral of the story is you have to build your own magic bullet fragment by fragment. At least you know what went into making it when you get ready to use the bullet for other purposes. Now just add some powder!

  3. Great job Shane,

    It does take a huge amount of effort but it is all worth it in the end.

    I have only been reading your blog now for about 2 months but would say it’s in my top 10 domain blogs.


    Ed Keay-Smith

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