Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net 2-22-12

Feb 22 2012

Anyone get in early in the upcoming Godaddy IPO?  You didn’t hear about it yet?  You will.  We may have a little info to share here a little later.  We want to make sure our sources have real info so right now we’ll call it a rumor. But it’s a pretty big rumor.  Great name, a mascot for many different teams.  Armadillos are taking over Florida and believe it or not, the entire Florida population came from two armadillos that escaped from a zoo.  I really have no idea if that’s a true story but I’m too busy to Google it so I’m just going to say it’s true.  These domains are very liquid.  I think they have roofs in Miami  Only the best football in the country.  American Football for all your foreign readers  Didn’t really know the importance of being able to crank out signs but at $700 I’ve been shown that it matters.  Solid name and it’s what I’ve been trying to do with my domain portfolio.  Great text writer site name Not a lot of bidders because its a dot org. 75,000 searches for $100 is a pretty good deal.  Not very expensive but a good concept


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  1. Spike

    Shane, it’s, not the plural that is being auctioned at GD today. Just fyi. Keep up the great work my friend!

  2. Adam

    Do you use a different service to look for names when DropDay isn’t showing the domains for the day (like today)? I use DropDay too, but this seems to happen a couple times a month.

    1. Post author


      No doubt DropDay is a great program but it’s a shame that he keeps missing days. It could easily be the best service out there with a little more work. I have to go old school in my searches without it. Protrada has a nice service as well.

  3. Clay Burt

    Great selection today – and of course I love

    However, they protect their trademark as violently as they protect their National Championship trophy… I mean THE National Championship trophy… RTR!

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