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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 27th and 28th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

The .us domains from the other day did pretty well, still waiting to see if the owner pays the $80 godaddy “redemption” fee or just transferrs the names to another registrar. I actually sold a .us the other day on Godaddy offer counter offer, It was only  around $300 but still a nice profit over the $3.99 I paid.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,081  19 years old     HC for Health Care

606 USD  I have never been a fan of the word cyber but there are plenty of buyers that like it.  And its not about what I like.  No bidders.   Which contradicts my statement about plenty of buyers

490 USD  I’m not sure what they’re saving. Cyborgs love this name.   893,000 backlinks usually is not a bad thing.  Over $1500 just for the backlinks alone

? that will probably be used by the enduser as an acronym rather than a pronounceable name based on RAW

Has a BIN  Raw Organic, or Red Army Weapons Officer.   Its a thing but I think it could be used as a brand totally unrelated to bread but having to do with dough

? Makes a good brand  I’m going to buy this for my wife whether she is or not

? A blog for soldiers wives    The school uniform in Chicago.    And yes there are such things

106 USD I’d wear two attending school in Chicago.  Might as well go out since you bought the shirt

305 USD This seems like a great deal. There is a ton of money in this. All the shit names that go over $1k and this is just over $300.  Only so many of these that can be built out but if you did want to do an expired names list this would be a pretty strong name.  And no bidders at $12

?   No bidders.  Great marketing name for our industry.   Especially for under $100

140 USD     You’d be surprised how many people visit a site that simply flips a coin for you.  Of course you have to rank high on Google to get the traffic.   Some bidders think this would be good for one of those sites. Or bitcoin

368 USD The ultimate decision making site. You make no decisions on your own, just enter them flip a coin and move on. The site tracks “your” decisions and you can gauge how successful it is.  One of the better NNNN.infos in a while

?  You know I like 5L.coms that can be made into a brand.  Even better are names that are cheap.  This fits both

?    Not a fan of the K but in Germany K is just fine so I’m going to broaden my horizon and say this is a good name

2,125 USD     Rocket names are being used more and more. Rocket Mortgage is the latest.   Under $50 at press time

1,358 USD Has a nice ring to it.  Because nobody is looking for the trainer.  Only one bidder

? product or service, it works.   I like the word and a bit ehh on the tld

2,450 USD   Price shows you the present lack of interest in dot co

2,040 USD   105 USD  105 USD

It may be down but at least it’s still in the $100 range.   I lose 100% on my options trades all the time so this fall is pretty good comparatively   Here you go Josh.  A that ends in 888.  I know how much you like them.

112 USD yep someone else still likes them a little bit too.., 400 USD 395 USD 750 USD  A dating site.   Great name, site or no site

No Winner at $72K The name is probably worth more. Don’t know what the stats on the site were.   Not sure if Q sex is better than regular sex but pretty sure most people will take whatever kind is available.

3 days left

L.ET  Can’t get much shorter than this one

No Winner  14 years old.   No bidders.  Nice marketing for a self improvement product

555 USD Yep, be the Greater You, or find the Greater You  No bidders.  For $12 a cleaning company has the perfect name for the side of their truck

149 USD 3 syllables 3 easy to type and say words.  Buzz and another known word makes a good brand.  The word rocket works the same way.

150 USD I feel like this one’s a little blurry.     Makes me think of smart phone gaming.  Makes everyone else think of moving on to the next name.  No bidders

? $1575 on afternic in 2004  It’s the site that connects drivers and hitch hikers that are willing to dance for a ride.    X at the front or back is a good thing as previously stated several times.  I’ll just keep repeating it until its true

?   One bidder at $12.  They might be scared because it has a reserve even though they have zero idea what the reserve is

?   The 8 is taking it to a good price.  I say over under $3500

3350 USD  I saw this name everywhere in Hawaii.  I am going to buy it

1,480 USD  Solar seems like a good option out there, second best would be harnessing volcano power.   Headphones is obviously better but some people call them this as well

? Or is it Custom Ear -Phones. You customize your ear and then get a phone… That was horrible, and pointless.   1000 USD Every Egg Tastes Raw  550 USD Canadian Free Kites International  455 USD  Computer Science Varsity Yam 455 USD Jump Yonder For Vino  201 USD 120 USD 101 USD   Virtual Reality as a technology may not take off but it sure has changed the value of names that have VR in them

2 days  Virtual Reality Murdering Mummy   Remember deer antler spray.  This site is selling it and crushing it

10,400 USD  This isn’t going to end well

No Winner

  Recap Quick Overview

hcos.com606 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
cybersaver.com490 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
bulletproofshirts.com106 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
ballisticarmor.com305 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
yournewdomain.com140 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
coinflipper.com368 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
kdrd.com2,125 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
rocketprofit.com1,358 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
lock.co2,450 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
engine.co2,040 USD05/26/16GoDaddy
866162.com105 USD05/26/16Godaddy
136255.com105 USD05/26/16Godaddy
3533888.com112 USD05/26/16Godaddy auction400 USD05/26/16Godaddy auction395 USD05/26/16Godaddy auction750 USD05/26/16Godaddy
greateryou.com555 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
cleanyouroffice.com149 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
buzzeye.com150 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
qj8.com3350 USD05/27/16Godaddy
islandsolar.com1,480 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
eetr.com1000 USD05/27/16Godaddy
cfki.com550 USD05/27/16Godaddy
csvy.com455 USD05/27/16Godaddy
jyfv.com455 USD05/27/16Godaddy
233878.com201 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
212966.com120 USD05/27/16GoDaddy
596856.com101 USD05/27/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,300 5/27/2016 Namejet $1,525 5/26/2016 Godaddy $1,488 5/26/2016 Namejet $2,125 5/26/2016 Godaddy $4,200 5/26/2016 Namejet $1,500 5/26/2016 Namejet $1,400 5/26/2016 Namejet $2,100 5/26/2016 Namejet $1,281 5/26/2016 Ename $3,889 5/26/2016 Ename
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