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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 7th of December

4l Chips From Yesterday as reported on, 2,503 USD, 2,201 USD

Auction Quick Overview 

Last week I went to the local Chinese Restaurant in town. After ordering my General Tso’s number L15 combination, I asked the lady behind the register if I could pay her to tell me what numbers she thought were the best. She starred at me like I was crazy for a moment, and then told me to hold on while she went back into the kitchen area. She came back with one of the cooks, I explained to him what I was looking for. He smiled and said “sure come in with a list and I’ll we can look at it for you”.


I haven’t had time to go back yet, but I plan to. We can speculate all day long, or even ask online, but maybe there are resources right around the corner that would be willing to help us understand the Chinese culture better.

meme of .info   The equivalent of Sophie in Chinese.  Wait until you see the price.  And yet I think its a good buy

67,321 USD  So the latin spelling of Sophie in the Chinese equivalent, is approaching $60K? I think it’s time to start looking into the first name Chinese equivalent niche. What’s the Chinese version of Shaniqua?   The equivalent of Sophie in Chinese.  Wait until you see the price.  And yet I think its a good buy 17 years old. If you get it cheap enough it’s worth having in the portfolio

183 USD Is this how hotwire works? Never used them  One of the most liquid names on the list.  Could hit $5K, yes $5K

17,406 USD, Wow! It did indeed hit $5k No bidders.  Great SEO name

125 USD, Great deal at this price IMO   There are some days when there are no 5N.coms but today you’re going to get a chance to own a few

2,100 USD,,,,,    Not very often you can buy names in sequential order. I have no idea where the 5 and 7 went.  Great starter set for your 5N portfolio. By starter set I mean $15K starter set 1,866 USD 2,309 USD 1,916 USD 921 USD 2,025 USD 2,859 USD


And there are a lot more that are even better, here are my favorites.  All are going to be expensive but in my opinion are very good investment.  My opinion only


92513, 92516, 92517, 92519, 92521, 92531, 92532, 92551, 92552, 92553, 92554, 91752,92789,92571, 92572, 92581, 92582 4,341 USD 4,307 USD 4,550 USD 4,394 USD 4,331 USD 4,400 USD 5,201 USD 4,400 USD 1,500 USD 4,336 USD 4,276 USD 4,327 USD 4,456 USD 4,900 USD



92583, 92585, 92586, 92589, 92593, 92596   whew!!! there are a lot of fantastic ones today.  All from 2004 4,331 USD 4,561 USD 4,476 USD 4,356 USD 4,301 USD 4,300 USD  Just to mix things up a bit

1,650 USD  If you are doing there are a few triple repeaters up today

123 USD seems like a good price  Triple field goals

155 USD  I think Virtual Reality is going to be billions of dollars.  This is one way to invest

447 USD, Lots of movement and speculation on VR names lately 

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Everyone knows Wii but I think can stand on its own

6 Hours Left  Nice double S premium.  Might get purchased with the BIN

Ends Tomorrow $3500 BIN  These premium letter, triple repeaters have been hitting $10K over the past two weeks. We’ll see if it holds

Ends in 3 days  Another pattern that has been fetching top dollar

Ends in 3 days Don’t see very many 4N.coms up for auction at no reserve.

NameJet Action Bidders:143 Time Left:4h 47m High Bid:$2,650 Bidders:35 Time Left:4h 54m High Bid:$82 Bidders:35 Time Left:4h 57m High Bid:$71 Bidders:26 Time Left:5h 1m High Bid:$69 Bidders:4 Time Left:5h 8m High Bid:$69 Bidders:90 Time Left:5h 17m High Bid:$2,100 Bidders:41 Time Left:5h 18m High Bid:$1,800 Bidders:57 Time Left:5h 27m High Bid:$470 Bidders:138 Time Left:5h 33m High Bid:$3,501 Bidders:41 Time Left:5h 58m High Bid:$250 Bidders:211 Time Left:6h 4m High Bid:$40,220 Bidders:93 Time Left:6h 6m High Bid:$2,000 Bidders:90 Time Left:6h 7m High Bid:$3,300 Bidders:84 Time Left:6h 8m High Bid:$918 Bidders:68 Time Left:6h 17m High Bid:$3,100 Bidders:93 Time Left:6h 29m High Bid:$1,721 Bidders:91 Time Left:6h 30m High Bid:$8,000 Bidders:3 Time Left:6h 32m High Bid:$69 Bidders:73 Time Left:6h 34m High Bid:$690 Bidders:40 Time Left:1d 4h High Bid:$360 Bidders:49 Time Left:1d 4h High Bid:$400 Bidders:46 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$650 Bidders:105 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$1,121 Bidders:109 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$2,200 Bidders:148 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$20,100 Bidders:91 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$716 Bidders:8 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$69 Bidders:170 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$55,001 Bidders:90 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$1,910 Bidders:46 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$212 Bidders:92 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$1,350 Bidders:29 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$70 Bidders:136 Time Left:1d 6h High Bid:$1,501 Bidders:72 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$520 Bidders:48 Time Left:2d 6h High Bid:$81 Bidders:116 Time Left:2d 6h High Bid:$200

Recap Quick Overview

Sufei.com67,321 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
FlightBids.com183 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
2DD.com17,406 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
StayRanked.com125 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92860.com2,100 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92501.com1,866 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92513.com4,341 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92583.com4,331 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
3751.net1,650 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
SKJJJ.com123 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
HHHfx.com155 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
VRGuru.com447 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92513.com4,341 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92516.com4,307 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92517.com4,550 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92519.com4,394 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92531.com4,331 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92551.com4,400 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92552.com5,201 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92553.com4,400 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92554.com1,500 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
91752.com4,336 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92571.com4,276 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92572.com4,327 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92581.com4,456 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92582.com4,900 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92583.com4,331 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92585.com4,561 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92586.com4,476 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92589.com4,356 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92593.com4,301 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92596.com4,300 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92501.com1,866 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92502.com2,309 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92503.com1,916 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92504.com921 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92506.com2,025 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
92508.com2,859 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
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