Flipaa – A Look Forward: JVD.com and RPU.com at No Reserve. AVVV.com, 3J.org, More

Dec 07 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

JVD.com – This domain has been listed a few times without selling, but in this listing, the seller has been helped by (a) the market upswing, and (b) listing the domain with no reserve. In prior auctions, the domain got up to $12,300 and $16,000 in pricing. The pricing in the current auction is already higher, with several days of bidding remaining.

RPU.com – Another LLL.com with no reserve that will do well. I’m going to guess $22k.

And a boatload of LLLL.com domains, listed in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. SMSY.com
  2. GNCP.com
  3. RLBZ.com
  4. MPZH.com
  5. LQCW.com
  6. TPEY.com
  7. XIIZ.com
  8. XIIY.com
  9. AQCL.com
  10. EPKH.com
  11. OBZG.com
  12. VPXB.com

Reserve Not Met

LearnAlot.com – I can see this as a brandable name for a teaching site, but I always get confused as to whether it’s “alot” or “a lot”.

AVVV.com – NameBio shows this one having sold for $283 in 2009. It’s worth aloooot more now.

YGRG.com – Another above-average LLLL.com.

3J.org – I don’t know what NL.org domains are worth these days.

ZIT.net – I believe this one has been around the block a few times.

UQW.net – LLL.net domains have increased in value significantly over the past several months, and it has been a couple weeks since one sold below $1,000.

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