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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th of December and my Liquid Domain Theory.

Average Chip Sales yesterday as reported on  $2,430.18

Recap Quick Overview 

Ok so here’s my Theory on domain liquidity and valuation, I posted the essence of this on namepros the other day. It’s more of a working hypothesis than a theory, as I haven’t explored in completely. It makes sense in my head anyway.

When talking about liquid domains, speculative domains and this whole arena that we find ourselves in, we need to define the fundamentals. I believe these fundamentals have been defined as short, pattern and meaning, not in any particular order.


We all know that we’re navigating uncharted waters. We don’t have omnipotence but we can use our brains and see what’s been working and trending to understand these fundamentals. Let’s take 4 character .COM’s for our example. We’ve watched every increase in value and none have been available for years. Obviously LLLL NNNN .coms are time tested and great.

recap meme for 12/8 2015

So it stands to reason that any has some kind of value, because it meets at least one of our fundamentals, short. Pattern and meaning are bonuses that increase the value of the


I actually think that within the liquid market you can assign value to anything that meets the requirements. However the value may not always be above reg fee. So for example random may only be worth $4 right now.


We can then apply this theory of liquidity to other extensions using their current percent of the .com value. Say for example the floor for 6n com’s is $25, 5-10% of that puts the worst 6n net at $1.25 to $2.50. We can calculate the value of any other based on the fundamentals and the prices set by the com’s. Since the “short” is constant in this example, it falls to pattern and meaning to increase the value above the floor.


If this theory is indeed accurate, we can make purchases based on trends, and availability as the value of the name approached Reg fee. This isn’t always the case as the best deal might be buying when the current value of the domain is at 50% of Reg fee, wait too long and the price jumps. Then there are things to consider like, commission,  other sales costs, and back-order prices. Is the asset worth buying when it’s value reaches the registration fee? or when it gets to the lowest possible backorder price?


This whole line of thinking only applies to liquid wholesale pricing and not end user sales, and just as we shouldn’t determine the wholesale value based on random end user sales, we can’t place the floor of the asset based on BIN undervalued sales. Pricing mistakes are made everyday. Just because someone mistakenly puts the price of a 4L chip at $900 doesn’t mean that’s the new floor, it simply means that someone got lucky and found an undervalued deal.


So I think a great point to take away from this, if you determine it’s not all BS, is that when looking at any liquid domain string to speculate on,  you can assign a value based on data and research. The key is to find the strings or individual domains that are just under Reg value and are trending up, or better yet the ones that were missed and have above reg or above backorder value. This concept can cross strings and niches based on any of the fundamentals. If we focus on’s that have absolutely no meaning or pattern and ignore 6L with pattern and meaning, I think we’re missing out and becoming myopic to the value contained within the fundamentals.


Look at numerics, sure’s are great, but there are now’s trading way over the floor of the’s. At some point the short gives way to pattern and meaning. It’s something to consider when buying up all the crap in one string of names.  

The Recap   Start the day off with one of the better dot nets you can buy.  The theme is patterns,  they rule the market right now

Current Price is $282, Lots of B’s or Business  Officially a CHiP but one of those names we would have all passed on a year ago.  Now its worth $2Kish

1,901 USD,  $1900 ish,  Same here. FF is the driver. Financial Freedom, or Furry Friend.  As for Z, all I ever have is Zebra

$1,951 (25 Bids) Thought this would get more  The pattern is pretty, even with the zeros

$1,075 (57 Bids) Zero’s look good to me, I bet this name was picked up for $19 a year ago.  Triple 5 is the driver.  Just not driving very hard, under $100

265 USD, not a bad final price, not sure where the 6n’s are going. I don’t think the 0 affects this one as much in the Future.   The zero at the front brings the price down but if it were anything other than a zero or four it would be $5K plus

$1,100 (27 Bids)  Triple are one of the patterns that are hitting the aftermarket.  And that’s how it starts

$115 (20 Bids) I need to do more 5L research, this seems like it would get a higher price.   I think this works for both markets.  Chinese are starting to buy the vowels and American keeps eating the BBQ

$313 (16 Bids) This price seems like a good deal for delicious BBQ Ostrich, I’d pay that.  Pretty sure they’re selling weed in Orange County.  One bid

$48 (2 bids), I was the second bid… Make me an offer.  At $12 but pretty sure it won’t stay there

$82 (12 Bids)  Western Premium.  Over under $410.  I added the $10 for dramatics.

787 USD, I like to see these types rising. I have a few.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Domain Holdings is selling.  Or at least trying to sell. All depends on their reserve

unsold  Tourism site for West Virginia

$2151, not  quite sure how you monetize this one, or what the build is. I can almost see a reality show on the discovery channel.  When the seller tells you its one of his favorite names you are pretty much guaranteed the reserve is going to be high



NameJet Action

Domain Name / TLD / Status Bidders Time Left High Bid Bidders:41 Time Left:3h 16m High Bid:$463 Bidders:49 Time Left:3h 20m High Bid:$1,600 Bidders:46 Time Left:3h 44m High Bid:$1,500 Bidders:105 Time Left:3h 47m High Bid:$2,900 Bidders:111 Time Left:4h 2m High Bid:$10,000 Bidders:148 Time Left:4h 3m High Bid:$23,100 Bidders:91 Time Left:4h 4m High Bid:$1,310 Bidders:8 Time Left:4h 8m High Bid:$88 Bidders:170 Time Left:4h 28m High Bid:$55,501 Bidders:91 Time Left:4h 29m High Bid:$2,110 Bidders:47 Time Left:4h 38m High Bid:$252 Bidders:93 Time Left:4h 44m High Bid:$2,400 Bidders:29 Time Left:5h 0m High Bid:$70 Bidders:136 Time Left:5h 3m High Bid:$1,800 Bidders:72 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$540 Bidders:48 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$81 Bidders:116 Time Left:1d 5h High Bid:$1,105


NameJet Results $3,010 12/7/2015 $69 12/7/2015 $8,000 12/7/2015 $1,999 12/7/2015 $5,000 12/7/2015 $3,434 12/7/2015 $4,100 12/7/2015 $3,800 12/7/2015 $41,220 12/7/2015 $250 12/7/2015 RNM 12/7/2015 RNM 12/7/2015 $2,200 12/7/2015 $2,500 12/7/2015 $69 12/7/2015 $231 12/7/2015 $69 12/7/2015 $131 12/7/2015 $2,650 12/7/2015 $5,150 12/1/2015 $270 12/1/2015 RNM 12/1/2015 $3,101 12/1/2015 RNM 12/1/2015 $12,700 12/1/2015 $1,209 12/1/2015 RNM 12/1/2015 $25,855 12/1/2015 $30,200 12/1/2015 $10,001 12/1/2015 $120 12/1/2015 RNM 12/1/2015 $199 12/1/2015 $198 12/1/2015 $1,011 12/1/2015


Recap Quick Overview

DomainPriceEnd DatePlace$282.00still goingNamePros$2,151.0012/07/15Flippa$1,075 (57 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$1,100 (27 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$1,951 (25 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$115 (20 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$313 (16 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$48 (2 bids)12/07/15GoDaddy$82 (12 Bids)12/07/15GoDaddy
HPQR.com1,901 USD12/07/15GoDaddy
555170.com265 USD12/07/15GoDaddy
88737.com3 days to go12/07/15GoDaddy
EGBF.com787 USD12/07/15GoDaddy

Yesterday Reported 4L Chip sales. $5,000.00 12/7/2015 NameJet $2,650.00 12/7/2015 NameJet $2,451.00 12/7/2015 Sedo $2,251.00 12/7/2015 Sedo $2,151.00 12/7/2015 Sedo $2,150.00 12/7/2015 Sedo $2,150.00 12/7/2015 Sedo $2,129.00 12/7/2015 NameJet $1,999.00 12/7/2015 NameJet $1,901.00 12/7/2015 GoDaddy $1,900.00 12/7/2015 Sedo
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5 Replies to “Auction Recap, 8th of December”

  1. I think your theory and analysis — even as a starting point — is missing a vital thing. Namely, consideration of the cultures involved and their goals in the race for domains. We’re still pretty ignorant when it comes to analyzing what precisely is more attractive to eastern buyers, and more importantly, what qualities new categories might offer.
    Still, interesting analysis.

    1. I think that all falls under the “meaning” fundamental. I agree that we’re ignorant on many of the attributes that give meaning to the names, but as we learn, research or just observe, we can overcome that handicap.

  2. In last couple weeks I am able to sell, and (yes I’m talking .co) for $75 to $250 US each that I hand regged for < 10$ in the past 6 months. Multiple buyers interested and some from China. Domains with most interest have no 4 or 0, at least two repeating numbers, pattern (like 123 or 567), and more 8's the better. With letters (LLLL, LLLLL, etc) it's also best to have at least two repeating letters, or a Chinese city/province code (BJ, SH, GD) in the beginning or end. And ofcourse no vowels or V. The longer the domain in .com, or if it's a, the more you need the above to have more value.
    If you get into NNLL and LLNN, LNNN or NLLL, best to also follow above guide for best value. Repeating numbers/letters and patterns have most value!

  3. Meant to say If you get into NLL and LNN, and NNL or LLN best to also follow above guide for best value. Repeating numbers/letters and patterns have most value!

  4. – $115 on GoDaddy… If it were a drop and in auction on Pheenix or DropCatch, it would go for a lot more. Why are the buyers there not buying on GoDaddy? It makes no sense!

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