Jun 20 2016

A look at the final prices of the auction list posted on June 18, 2016.

Namejet Water filtration system or a cleanse Nicotine without the carcinogens, tar, CO, smell  Target your ads to the right people  Shorts made out of Flags? Patriot daisy dukes  This has soccer or “football” written all over it  Van down by the river The King of the skies, makes all the other drones submit to his authority  First name and I bet there’s a thousand cafe’s and diners named Janes  Last name, I think of Andy  Deal with it, or have a shot at winning  Makes me think of Opera Music  Have A Terrible Night I Go Hunting Beavers   Nice one word domain, reserve is betweem $500k-$1M   Probably the most talked about news topic in the last month Do the Crazy dance, no bids Common phrase, It was a bumpy road but we eventually made it.

Flippa  Nice ABBB 4L

Ended unsold at $2,200 Solar batteries, or a name to consolidate your bills

Ended unsold at $165 great  brand 16 years old, makes be think of bikes

$669 Couponers are hard core, my wife buys a Sunday paper just for the coupons

Ended unsold at $20

Main List


A good news blog name A nice positive name for any service that try to make you better Hire a band for your next event. The site that organizes gigs for bands and takes a cut, like an agent for garage bands The blog with the best ideas


Mind training, classes, anything like that When your message sucks just pay them Go to your happy place when you get angry This has bids, does anyone still use Cd’s? Make a second stack that’s just like the first stack Generic Cloud name


An overlay program that you don’t have to download. You make all your overlays online Same concept as above that sorts things Condo’s are HOA’s right? Fancy name for the maintenance guy


The concepts that matter, nice C-C name Sounds mysterious Publish all the deals you find


The best virtual stuff Like in the “Wire” Hampsterdam


Attack UAV’s “E” stil works I think Here’s an architect name that’s better than award winning A guide to money List and rate caregivers  Marketing name for Flomax Stock Photos urban dictionary “One who engages in the act of posting useless nonsense to a forum in order to irritate its regular members”


Play games all over the world


Gremlins on the run Cars for hippies A brand for something high in the sky Call these guys to get your stuff done Find out if your flight’s ontime, monetize it with rental car ads He loves decorating and will make your home Fabulous Forget crypto, this buy things with coffee beans Genie in a bottle, gives you juice? Maybe? Makes people laugh and breaks blocks


The guy that figures out how to target the best customers make and sell activities for any kind of lesson Sounds like energy the mojo in live that keeps you from getting bored


Because designs you don’t like don’t get their own sites Pressure washers? Puppies, kittens Planning app Bulk up with Whey A workout site for mothers


Hot Hot Pizza Maybe a B to B company that helps your business run promotions Loan help on the fly Because riding on top of the robot could be dangerous Building oilrigs would be lots of money. A lot of things are called rigs Universal sign for contempt from women everywhere A group of undercover cops dressed as nuns


Very fast lending, but it has a 32% APR the opposite of clone stack A guide to shows, concerts, sports Money to build your store or franchise Solar heating system These guys don’t rob you, they sing Christmas Carols I was just talking about a similiar name today. Great way to monetize a site but it’s a pain to sell leads to companies. Sell your leads at wholesale prices to the lead broker The authority on trends and trending

$106 Another buzz name Take your crappy website and make it better


Small ferocious animal that brings you wine


Don’t workout by yourself have your assistant workout for you. It’s like a whipping boy for exercise

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

Your LLLL.coms of The Day $405 $315

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday $60 $12 $69 $53 $58 $53 $63 $57 $48 $12 $63 $12 $57 $59 $12

LLL’s, CCC’s $17 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $146 $12 $52 $12 $12 $12 $70 $12

Brandables $12 $42 $10 $10 $60 $95 $43 $93

Some Numbers $53 $12 $47 $42 $905 $167

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and Now VR $22
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