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Ban the Vuvuzela

ban_vuvuzelas-HateI love soccer.  I love World Cup soccer.  But I frickin hate the Vuvuzela.  You know the vuvuzela.  It’s that humming sound you hear on the Tv while you’re trying to watch the games.  It’s perhaps the most annoying sound in the whole world and it never stops during the games.  It sounds like a swarm of bees is hovering over the games. It actually just a plastic meter long horn but a horn that blown by the thousands produced a deafening, all encompassing sound.

The excitement of the games is being completely drowned out by these obnoxious things.  I can’t hear the crowd sing, the refs whistle, or the any sounds of the game whatsoever.   Rumors have started to surface that FIFA is thinking about banning these for the rest of the tournament and this would make me and millions of people happy.  I realize it’s a tradition in South Africa but it’s a tradition that is ruining the game for the players and spectators.  Players complain it’s like being deaf on the field and with sounds over 100 decibels at some point they may actually be in due time.

Like all good domainers I tried to register and put out a quick site complaining about this but soon realized there are plenty of other people that had the same ideas.  I tried names like banthevuvuzela and banvuvuzelas but both were taken.  I didn’t feel like putting a ton of effort into the endeavor and didn’t want a dot net either.  So instead I’m just going to bitch about it on my blog.  It’s easier than flying to South Africa, buying a ticket and a vuvuzela, entering the field and beating a ref on the head with it.  That would get them banned but unfortunately would also land me in jail for 50 years.  And judging from Mandela’s book, that’s not something I really need right now

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6 Replies to “Ban the Vuvuzela”

  1. Ahhhh , it is not soccer it is football!!.
    And whilst i am no fan of the Vuvuzela, they are part of South Africa Football culture, I would hate that they now come back and are heard in The Premier League but just as we have a band playing the great escape at every England game,so they South Africans have their Vuvuzela.
    And please stop calling it soccer, it is football.!

    1. Bob,

      To me it’s soccer. I can call it whatever I want as long as you know what I’m talking about. In the US if I call it football they think of something different. Sorry and I still hate that stupid horn

  2. Lol, no no no no please, it is football, just because Americans don’t understand it please don’t fall into the trap of calling it soccer it just alienates all football fans!.

    Only messing with you Shane, i do hate the word soccer but you call it what you want, i am just taking it out on you for Englands inept performance against you the other night.

    Keep the Vuvuzela!!! ( just keep it in South Africa)

  3. Mmmm, Shane, i humbly apologise,i have changed my mind and i am now sick of the Vuvuzelas, it was so nice to hear the Mexico fans chanting and singing tonight, it was fun for while but hopefully that is now it for the vuvuzela.

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