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Bido Has Evolved….and I Like It

I was curious to see how Bido was going to stay afloat in the love me know, forget about me later internet world.  Today I think I learned the answer.  I have always loved the concept but didn’t really like the domains coming through.  Looking back, I don’t think there were really that many bad names, it was just the fact that they only had five auctions a week, only at lunch, so the wasn’t much action or things to look and discuss.  That is about to change.  Here’s what Sahar Sarid had to say on his blog The Conceptualist

1. Nothing is perfect. There may be some hiccups, we’re already aware of a couple of tech issues and are working on fixes. With this kind of release it is expected. If you do see something that isn’t right or doesn’t feel right please bring it to our attention, TIA!

2. You can now comment on expert commentaries: Above each commentary there is a link to comment, start a discussion.

3. You can now submit up to 100 names for consideration: This is a big difference from the 10 before. This number will likely increase with time.

4. You can now submit adult domains: If you do, please follow our submission format (on site, see link)

5. Experts: You can now vote on submitted domains: There is a tab for you as you are logged in called “Submitted Domains”.

6. Channel Chat: Each listed item has its own “Item chat” as well as there is now a global “Channel Chat” for all to participate.

7. We will soon be running multiple auctions per day: There are no “time slots” We can run as many as we want at the same time, all auctions are still one hour long however auction preview (where Pre-bids may be placed by potential buyers) will be extended up to 30 days, at your discretion. You may choose when to start the auction with the exception of weekends (Bido does not run weekend auctions)

8. Reserve auctions: You can list your domains with reserve. See our submit link on site for more details about our fee format.

All of this is great news.  I will say the colors of the new Bido looks surprisingly similar to my company’s site although I stole the colors from someone else as well.  I think the website looks fantastic and I don’t throw out that many compliments to websites because I feel that a website needs to do its job and get out of the way.  Of course it has to be pretty and modern looking as well.  I hope Bido expands to names other than keyword domains because there is a whole other section of domains with values that are necessarily solid keywords.  Four letter CVCV are doing well on sedo as well as some foreign tlds.  If the using bidder base can increase I think there will be more of these type domains.  Sedo has a huge foreign following and will always have an advantage in this category but bido is making all the right moves and I think they have a real chance to be the number two daily auction house.

The commentary is my favorite part of bido and it looks like we’re going to get even more. Comments about comments should be fun to watch.  I think anytime you crank up the conversation and get people discussing things, you are more likely to get users to come back and see what others had to say. Congrats Bido and yes I know this sound like a paid ad but I truly enjoy seeing someone getting right.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage Shane, it means a lot to us. The colors are an appealing palette that work well together. I’ve never seen your nursery site but its really nice.
    Regarding your comment about getting it right – that really means the world to us. We put a lot of effort into this platform and to hear that is really something special to us. It’s not just us though, we built the platform to help people sell. Nowadays sellers need us more than ever and so we’re categorically committed to addressing the needs of the community and providing a service that helps people. And so we kicked it up a notch with this recent update.
    Thanks again for the coverage.

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