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Did I Lose a Tooth?

Remember that scene Hangover when he wakes up and there’s a tiger in the bathroom and baby in the closet? That’s the feeling I had when I woke up this morning.

I’m not a big party person any more but I seem to forget that every year at the first day of conferences. I thought as I got older I would learn to drink water between drinks, not accept a shot from everyone who send me one, and cut the night short if I’ve had too many. Nope

We’ve all been there. You hit the conference, take a few people out for dinner, head to the bar for a few drinks and the next thing you know you wake up next to a naked Portugese she-male wearing a scarf. To make matters worse he/she’s finished off the two bottles of water on the mini fridge that cost more than the room itself.

I HATE when conferences start off this way and when I get to Vegas I certainly will have to watch the liquor. The positive is the human body can process 1 drink per hour so in 5 more hours I should be sober. The negative, I won’t be able to get back my $300 I spent at the bar or my favorite scarf the tranny took.

Of course I’m just kidding about the stuff above. I don’t even own a scarf

See you in a few hours in Vegas

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  1. Shane — That was some funny stuff. Thanks for sharing your odd, yet colorful life with the world. Have fun in Vegas!

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