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Thursday’s Nice Domains Dropping

Picked up another great plant name, phormium, yesterday.  I sell a lot of this plant and there are new varieties coming out every year.  May not mean much to many but those of us in the plant business know this one well.  Should do quite well with it.  Now on to the nice names dropping today. I am a little biased here as a runner and a lover of the Big Island but a great name for a running store. I am starting to like some of the names with dashes. Maybe I’m becoming more European I don’t buy very many non-pronounceable 4Ls but this one is nice DMOZ, Yahoo Dir, and Google Dir listed.  Great name 4 numbers have nice resale value If you live in a suburban neighborhood you’ll see lots of these Affiliate store, here we come

The “In Case You Missed Them” Links

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When I read this magazine I knew I was going to like the Internet  [funny pic]


Domain Spotlight:

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  1. You have a typo. It’s, not .net. Link works fine, though. Keep up the great work with the lists!

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