Big Friday’s List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-29-12

Another nice day of solid names.  It was a little over 100 degrees here yesterday.  I’m good up until 105 due to the fact I work in the hot sun every day.  You would think it would give me an advantage in triathlons but evidently there is a big difference in walking around in the heat and biking 112 miles and running a marathon in it.  I always have domaining to fall back on if I never become a pro in triathlons. I only need to drop my time by 40% all the while getting older.  Sounds reasonable.  Now on to today’s names.  I hate them but no denying that a ton of people are putting them up  1999 domain  If you don’t end up buying it then maybe you can lease it  The exact opposite of the plastic fence   Great number, should do well  I like this much better than the LLL.coms that came up last week.  Surprised to see no bidders on this but if you use the right tool you’ll see the owner has the reserve at $1100 so maybe that’s scared everyone off  It’s not tomorrow but came across it and had to get it out early.  One of the best medical names up for auction this year  1999 domain with one bidder. Cameras, eyeglasses, or microscope lens replacement All is see is Apple Fan when I see this No bidders on this 15 year old domain. Could be an answer site but could also be a humor site  Yes a trademark problem but also a fan site so they would probably let you slide. Excellent domain name for a site following city wide football. One of the best football towns in the nation. Though I could be a bit biased World of Warcraft forums are big business. Many of the players spend more time working for fake gold than they do for real money. 13 year old domain 12 year old domain. Two words that kids can easily type and remember. Not sure what they’re going to do on the wall but we’ll worry about that later. No bidders at press time I get ripped off on the refills from Cintas every few months. I would love to buy them cheaply at the First Aid Shop. 14 years old Prebuilt or custom built isn’t selling right now but when they were the houses that were “set on lot” and prebuilt part houses were selling very well

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