Saturday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-30-12

Jun 30 2012

I received quite a few emails regarding the sale of yesterday despite that it wasn’t even my name.  I talked to David the owner and even he has no idea if the bidders were real or not. Godaddy didn’t call him or try and make any contact despite the fact it was the largest closing price of any domain they’ve ever sold.  You would think for $150,000 plus that they stand to make on commission that a phone call is in order.  One of the weirdest auctions and management I’ve ever seen. I hope for David’s sake it turns out legit.  It would be a great story.   Now on to today’s shitty list.   German form of the name Judith if you like LLL.orgs then this is one of the better ones to come across Namejet  I’ll throw out a guess and say$300 on this one  Please don’t fall for this one. People think they are getting Irish Morgan would like this because it is an “Amazing” domain I’ve seen better LLLL.coms but this one is cheap at $35 9 years old. One of those domains that doesn’t necessarily mean anything but two words that are easy to remember and fairly short. And another Would be surprised to see this hit $1000 It’s where you learn to shake your moneymaker

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    1. Post author

      I am not a lawyer so do your own research but I don’t see that they have a trademark on that term. If I were starting a business in this area I wouldn’t want the name because it would be confusing to the clients which that in itself may trigger a UDRP. But I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t have a legal right to own the name.

  1. kan


    If there is a two word (dictionary words) domain and if one word is trademark and another word is not trademark, Is it ok to purchase the domain and develop it?

    1. Post author


      Again, you would need to talk to a trademark lawyer but it all depends on the trademarked word. Facebook with any word will get you in trouble. But many common words are trademarked and putting an adjective or some other word probably is creating a unique name. All depends.

  2. Michael

    I find it amazing that GoDaddy doesn’t reach out to both seller and buyer. So what exactly do they do for their $150K?

    By the way, buyer might want to use They have a 12 percent cash back for GoDaddy, and it works for Auctions.

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