Update: WAN.com Is at $670,000 with One Hour Left

Jun 28 2012

If you have a million dollars you can still get in.  I knew it was going to do well but had no idea the Champaign Urbana community would be adding so much wealth.

HERE is the auction if you’d like to get in late

Here is a little history and background about the auction from earlier

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  1. John

    I am curious to know if the bidders need to be qualified(financially speaking) first before they can bid on such a high price auction at GoDaddy?

  2. fizz

    If those bids are legit – and I really hope they are – the seller will be buying more than a couple of rose bushes from you Shane.

  3. Alan

    “Obviously you’ve never sold domains in China.”

    Just hope they realize they are bidding in US dollars and not Chinese Yuan!

  4. chriswoodward

    You’d think that after say, half a million dollars, GoDaddy would raise the bid increments to more than $5 a pop

  5. JuneyMarooney

    I fail to see the value in this name, at least not 700k worth. Good name but I have sold better for less, much less. 10k says bids are fake!

  6. Tom

    Fake bids, deal won’t be done, get real on this one, I don’t buy it for a second, seems like a PR frezy

  7. jin

    Totally fake bids. Why would someone be bidding on unpopular three letter WAN.com , when they can buy 10 LL.com for that price.

    Also, its not that much worth for that name anyway It wont be paid.

  8. Joe

    Uncle, user Denny007 on dnf owns boob.com, and he says he always bids like that… like $1234 and 54321.

  9. adrian keys

    I hate that you could have bidding at this level with people suggesting that a reputable broker would be accepting 6 figure fake bids. Is Domaining a real business or not?

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