A Big GREAT JOB!!!! to Mauli Fry of Escrow.com and Adam Ramsdell of Godaddy

Sep 22 2017

I want to personally thank two people for going above and beyond to help me complete a recent domain sale.  Mauli Fry and Adam Ramsdell

It’s people like Mauli Fry that make Escrow.com the one and only choice for my domain escrow transactions.  It’s always a bit more difficult dealing with a large corporation.  Add to that one that is in Denmark.  And add yet another that all new clients have to confirm their identity when dealing in Escrow.   That is generally a simple process for an individual but not a large corporate entity.  I emailed Mauli for help and she did exactly that.  I was a little hard on her because it was taking so long.  She politely explained the checks and balances that needed to happen and said she was moving as quickly as she could.  And she was.  I was just used to the quick personal sales and this one was more complex.  So thank you Mauli. Thank you for being professional with great communication.  Escrow.com is truly a better place when you are working there.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Adam Ramsdell of Godaddy.  Adam is probably the best customer service rep I’ve ever had.  He takes my calls and handles my issues from ANYWHERE.  Even when he’s not working and is at home.  That’s right, it’s not uncommon for him to wake up and take care of an issue for me.  Or at least let me know that he will as soon as he gets in.  Godaddy is in Arizona so when I email a 8 am it’s still 6 am there.  I had an issue from the transaction above where the contact info was messed up the email wouldn’t come through.  So I had to change the contact info.  Of course that makes it go into a 60 day lock.  That’s not going to work since I just sold the name.  He made sure the lock was reversed and let me move the name.   But that’s not where he shined.

To make sure it wouldn’t happen again, he ran a scan of all my domains and sent over a spreadsheet of all the names that didn’t have the normal contact info.   Something I can do in the Godaddy download section but he did it for me.   Adam does stuff like this all the time.  Between he and Aaron Johnson, there has never been a problem that hasn’t been addressed quickly.   It’s also the reason I have pretty much moved all my domains to Godaddy.

So thank you Mauli and Adam.  Thank you both for not only doing a good job but thank you for making my domain life easier and more profitable.

PS:  I am paying for a headline on Domaining.com, neither company of employment were involved in this article.  This about them, not their employers. Although they both deserve a raise 🙂

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  1. Brad Mugford

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Mauli Fry. She has helped me many times with Escrow.com questions and issues. The high quality support is a major reason I still use Escrow.com, despite all the Escrow.com changes I am not a fan of, like the ID verification process.


  2. Ategy

    Just a little FYI .. apparently changing just the email address is not supposed to trigger the 60 day lock (according to my rep). I haven’t actually tested it, but it’s supposed to be most of the rest of the contact info that does trigger it. I felt it was weird since the most important change to look for in terms of security is email well before registrant name I’d think? But apparently that’s the case.

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