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Oct 16 2014

Here are today’s names.

If you’d like to be on next week’s list or want to make an offer on a name that’s not at auction, drop me an email HERE   BIN $300.   Everyone loves Hawaii. Type this in to Google and you will see the page littered with Ads.  Build out gets $300 back quickly    A word that everyone knows.  And that’s what makes a brand.  Doesn’t have to be negative but certainly could be used to point it out    ($120K)  My favorite name on the list.  Girls name or beach vacations.  Short and easy to spell.  The perfect brand   I have to admit I didn’t see the value and then I searched and say that many people use 03rd instead of 3rd.  No bidders   Good acronym letters and several companies using it already .  No bidders   Not a lot of instrument names come up for sale.  Also the first word that comes to mind when trying to find words that start with X. At $60 at press time  Also comes with   Loans and especially quick loans have huge CPC and high demand.  $30 at press time   Some of the better letters you can get in an acronym  This one is going for a lot more than you think it is.   Short and keyword dot cc are coming around   ($5K)  Coin Crypto Currency.   Probably the best use of a dot CC that I could think of   ($3800) is taken and out of the mix forever.  If someone wants to sell actual surfboards this is the best exact match option available.

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