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Oct 09 2014

Here is this weeks 10 names up for sale or at auction.  There were so many requests for inclusion that I have 12 names this week (and I threw on one of my own) Every name is at auction and most have met reserves so there will be a lot of sales from the list.  Many of the sellers trusted the auction system and went out with no reserves.  We’ll let you guys and gals decide the real value.  Here are today’s names.

If you’d like to be on next week’s list drop me an email HERE 

  What can I say.  There is not a hotter market right now than drones. Not bitcoin, not 3Dprinting.  Would not be surprised to see this hit 5 figures  I was in the audience when Bill McClure bought for $30,000.  This one is only at $20.  I think the gap in price will be filled. Reserve met.  High bidder gets it.  30 million searches for the term.  Look who owns the other major TLDs and you’ll see the big boys know the value of the Keyword  Reserve Met.   The most spoken language in the world. $4.5 CPC and an estimated 100 million people learning the language.  All for under $100 at press time and a Portfolio of 282 domains   No Reserve.  Estibot value of $372,000.,,  Lots of brands in the list.  At $1.50 a name at present bid   AND 9 Other Dot Nets  The singular dot com of alone went unsold at $1500.  The plural is better in my opinion and at 10% this should be $200 or more.  The reserve is met at $6 so this could be a steal for a buyer.  The other 9 dot nets are so bad either. being my favorite.  Reserve met.  16 years old and a PR2.  Perfect name for this time of year.  For decades witch costumes have been the best sellers at Halloween. Can make money back fairly easily with a Amazon Affiliate site  16 years old.  Reserve met.  I like the owners idea of using Sadness as a site to bring people from sadness to happiness.  You know what I like better?  The 1000 type ins a month.  No bidders.  240,000 results in Google.  Already people, places and things using this name.   Owner gets rights to dot UK as well.  Massive Open Online Course are the future and all the rage.  Has already received several offers for the domain.  No reserve, going to sell.  Only at $1.  If you go to Hawaii you almost always get or buy one of these.  Also the start of many a dirty joke.  22,000 monthly searches with an Estibot of $8K.   No reserve. Bidding starts at $1.  You could get this name cheaper than an actual pair of cleats.  9 years old with an Estibot of $4100  $8K  I have an offer at $7K.  Going to try and get a little more out of it if anyone wants it.  Email me if interested.

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