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And This is Why Brands Should Start With Dot Com

I was listening to the radio today and heard the commercial below.  It’s a perfect example of why a brand should always start by trying to find a dot com and then branch out from there.  I understand that the world will soon accept the other right of the dot tlds but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t confusing in the meantime.  As a businessman, I also understand that a company would rather save $100K on a name and put it towards the business.  But for everyone of those I can point out a company that could have spent $2K and bought the perfect dot com and instead tried to be cute or trendy and go with an alternate tld.  Letting Google be the driver instead of the mind.  Because the voice of Howard Stern is probably the same thought of the consumer.  “A bit confusing” .

*if you’re having seeing the “play” button, click to the left of 00:00

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7 Replies to “And This is Why Brands Should Start With Dot Com”

    1. Travis,

      When I typed in the first time I got an error message from Chrome. I typed it again after you said that and see you are right. So they at least protected themselves but still should have gone with the dot com for the commercial in my opinion. Could you hear it?

  1. Yeah, that’s what I had gotten…and yeah, it works. It’s probably because that play button is the same color as the video bar that would cause any playback issues.

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