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Can You Identify These Domainers? The Big Jumbo “Name That Domainer” Contest

If you were at DomainFest and visited the Big Jumbo booth you were treated to a special treat, a caricature of yourself.  If you’ve ever had a caricature done you realize that they accentuate all your features, good or bad.  I thought the artist that Big Jumbo used was one of the better artist I’d seen.  Some loved their drawings and others didn’t, OK Elliot didn’t.  At the end of the conference Big Jumbo had this great collection of Domainer drawings and I thought it would be fun to see how many people could identify the domainers by their face.  Here’s how the contest works

1. Email me (GGGshane atG cultra.netGGG) remove the G’s,  with your guesses. Don’t Post them as you’ll give away the answers

2. The winner will be the person with the most correct or if more than one person tie with the same amount correct, the winner will be randomly chosen out of a hat by an 11 year old girl (aka my daughter)

2. Winner can have choice of $50 iTunes gift card or $50 donated to the charity of their choice.

Contest end Friday at 5 pm central

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10 Replies to “Can You Identify These Domainers? The Big Jumbo “Name That Domainer” Contest”

  1. If I were Andrew Allemann, I would be more unhappy than Elliot… And I can’t believe No. 1 is Frank Schilling.

    1. Now Michael,
      One, at least email your guesses in before you criticize. And two hints. One, Frank Schilling is not in this collection. Two, number one is a girl.

      C’mon guys. I need more guesses. I hardly have any. Either you guys don’t want to play along or you really don’t have a clue who these people are.

  2. I can see Rob Monster, and Domain of Castello brothers, and oh Barbara (DNJournal’s wife)..maybe Shane up there. Sorry, I don’t have your email Shane

  3. @Uzoma

    Did you read the rules? Names can’t be posted here. They have to be sent by email to GGGshane atG cultra.netGGG (remove the G’s and replace “at” with @).

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