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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions: Some Good “Flippable” Names Today

There are no huge names today but I think there are some names that you can get at a pretty fair price and flip.  If you have read my picks over the last year you’ll see I like searches and aged domains.  While there is certainly a place in business and product sales for long tail keywords, it becomes difficult to sell them if they are very specific with low searches.  Of course, I’m not saying any of these will make you instantly rich.  Just saying you have a better chance of getting out of if you need cash. A meaningful term in our industry.  110 bidders lining up to snap this one up A rare 1994 domain.  Good letters as well.  Should fetch a decent price but it you like aged this is a great name Seems like the kind of name an advisor would use a term used for short films.  Could also mean small budget film.  A bargain at $69 and 11 year old name Reclaimed wood is THE in thing in flooring right now.  With the lack of heartwood some of the best wood in the world is at the bottom of the Mississippi. No bidders 11 year

old name Not a lot of people looking for the name but I still think you could do well for the $70 you’re going to spend on the name A perfect dot org name.  Becomming a big topic of discussion Not my kind of name but people love two character names.  Already at $750 plus $3500 valuate and 9900 searches. All for the low low price of $69 It shows my age, but one of my favorite games as a kid. I know it’s a stretch but a great comparison site name and for the price I think it’s a good investment Another nice 4L dot com

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