Jan 02 2016

Josh makes an excellent point in his most recent recap.  There are many variables that determine the price of a  Of course, a zero and a four knock the value down.  Double 88s at the beginning or the end can really drive the price up.  Triple numbers can skyrocket the value as shown here (over $8K and climbing) and here (over $2.3K and climbing).  What I’m showing is the average of the sales reported on (and soon to include other data).  I’m able to separate the 6Ns containing a zero or four from the rest, but beyond that, it is an average of everything.  There were over 160 reported sales on for 6Ns without a zero or four yesterday.  So there is plenty of data to feel good about the average price ($157 by the way). Sure, sold for $753 (I guess 4 sequential numbers is good too), but sold for $141.  In fact, most of them sell closer to the bottom of the scale.  The best sell for more, because they are rare.  Eventually, I hope to have enough data to kick out trends on patterns, but I don’t have that yet.



Most of the descriptions are easily understood, but just in case there are questions:
N = Numeric
I = Initial (a letter not including a,e,i,o,u,v)
C = Character (any number or letter)

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  1. Josh E

    It’s awesome data Travis and no easy task. There’s so many combination possibilities that might be great or have some meaning that we don’t know about. At the same time you have decide if it’s just an anomaly, new trend, floor increase or meaningful sequence that’s shifting the price. I think you’re doing a great job with this. Keep up the good work.

  2. Numeric Shares

    This data is interesting, but I think you would go nuts worrying and adjusting to it every day or week. For me I am happy with my choices and realise some things take time, many thanks for your efforts though. Happy New Years

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