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Similar to prior quarters in 2015 (links to Q1, Q2, Q3), I’ve listed below some of my recent domain acquisitions.

Handful of

  • Including both and
  • Bought at a price to profitably flip in the near term, even though I’m a believer in solid price appreciation over the long term.
  • Purchased from a seller who has steadily been selling domains to me over the past couple years; he prices them reasonably, and I pay quickly without haggling….it’s a win-win.

  • Popular golf term, a first or last name or nickname, and business name.
  • Previously developed as a golf tee time reservation site, with a screenshot below, courtesy of
  • 10,000 searches per month, per Estibot.

  • Lots of uses: they’re mined for industry and human diets, a type of water, the name of several towns, etc.
  • Many existing companies have the term in their business name, such as resource company Minerals Technology with its $1.7 billion market cap.
  • The term is also generic enough that it’s used in unrelated business names, such as MineralTree, an accounts payable software startup that has raised over $20 million in funding.
  • 40,000 searches per month, per Estibot.
  • I have already had some interesting acquisition inquiries; someone told me recently I’m a fool for not selling it to them at a nice gain over my acquisition price, while another informed me the domain “without an ‘s’ has limited or no use in business. The word itself is just too bland to inspire excitement“. They’ve been kind enough to share this with me free of charge! 🙂

You’re welcome to share some of your recent acquisitions below, or offer up constructive comments/opinions on mine.


Domain Spotlight:

16 Replies to “Some Q4 2015 Domain Acquisitions”

  1. Congrats on Definitely plenty of uses there. Have you blogged about outbound marketing / how you reach out to companies recently? I did a quick search but didn’t see anything obvious.

    1. Thanks Chris,

      I don’t think we’ve written much about outbound marketing, in large part because neither Shane nor I have historically taken the time to do it.

      In concept, it’s easy to target the obvious prospects…..get on the phone and reach out to the top few pages of search results for the domain’s keyword or phrase, send emails to companies which use variants of the name, etc. Follow-up and then follow-up some more. Start hustling.

      In practice, you have to carve out time to get it done, and there are many tricks of the trade to find the right person within an organization, how to present the name, etc, etc. If I said I was great at that, I’d be lying.


  2. Great names especially probably worth million dollar in future. Well done. Recently bought:

    1. Thanks Raymond, as an owner of a bunch of domains, I love I’m sure that one didn’t come cheap! I haven’t dabbled in the, but I understand they’re moving up in price.

  3. Nice work, I like them both.

    When I hear Bogey, I think of Enemy Aircraft. It would make an awesome brand for a VR fighter pilot simulator.

    1. Thanks Josh, I admit I had to look up the enemy aircraft meaning; I didn’t know that one. The more meanings, the better…..

  4. Wow, is a massive purchase. You are talking a multi-million dollar sale in the future, IMO. When you talk about flipping ‘near term’ do you mean a few weeks? 2015 was an incredible year for me, but in 2016 I plan to trim my portfolio down to a few dozens. Its hard to wheel-and-deal with hundreds of domains. -Mike Maillet

    1. I like the way you think, but I don’t know about multi-million…..I’d never be able to hold out nearly that long 🙂

      Re: “near term”, I’ll likely sell about half the I picked up in Q4 in the first half of 2016. I’ll keep the ones of the highest quality and those that are developed in other extensions.

      The seller and I have actually discussed on a couple occasions that he’s aware he could sell the domains for a higher price on any of the major platforms, but he keeps selling to me because he doesn’t have to take the time to list the domains, wait to get paid, deal with transfer hassles, etc. He sends me an email and he typically has my money in his PayPal account within an hour.

  5. could be a six figure name. See it for a game, resource company or health related drink or company. Or just a good brand name for anything, like Amazon or Kayak. Mineral can evoke strength, value, rarity, purity and health.

  6. is a wonderful purchase. Congrats.

    Bogey is also a very good name. Thank you for sharing your purchases.

  7. “someone told me recently I’m a fool for not selling it to them at a nice gain over my acquisition price” ….. that’s when you know you made a great investment. Congrats on, there aren’t many one word .coms like that which stand for rare qualities.

  8. Nice work Aaron. Mineral is a gem.
    Remind me about that one at namescon. You’re going right?

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