Jan 15 2016

I took some time today to add the volume number to the table.  For each name category, there is now a price and just below the price there is the volume number in parenthesis.  This is the volume number used to calculate the average price for the day.  Often this number will show a zero.  When that is the case, I use the number from the Chaomi home page for the day.  If I’m reading the translation correctly for what that number is, it is the lowest buy it now price listed at the time that I look at the page.  I hope the volume number helps.  There should be much greater confidence in the average price if there is a decent volume number associated with it.


Most of the descriptions are easily understood, but just in case there are questions:
N = Numeric
I = Initial (a letter not including a,e,i,o,u,v)
C = Character (any number or letter)

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  1. Stu

    Can you explain this one: is at $4400 with 8 days to go and it has a zero in it ?

    Does that mean we are seeing an explosion in the rise of no matter what the number ?


  2. fuzzy

    Volume is a handy little update to The Chart, thank you Travis.
    On a side note, I would consider adding a small legend to the bottom.
    For the benefit of new-folk and foggy-folk.

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