Jan 24 2016

Does anyone know what the record price received for a dropped name by a drop catching service is?  I have no idea, but I expect DropCatch is about to top it or at least be near the top of the list.  Be sure to head on over and bid on  It’s only at $220,450, and there are a couple of hours left.  It looks like it is a very special name for the Chinese.  Wow.

Daily summary and weekly volume chart below.



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  1. Joliet John

    I remember Pool getting at $160k several years ago. Never hear about anymore.

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      I still get a daily email from listing the “hot” names coming up for auction the next day. They have only caught one name that I ever submitted through them, and that was a .ca name. I didn’t end up bidding on it, because I can’t tell if I’m even allowed to buy a .ca name if I’m not from Canada.

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      Thanks for the question Mark. The source of the data is I can’t really speak to how reliable the data is, because I don’t know the exact methods that they use to pull the data. There are many Chinese investors that rely on this site for their trend analysis. One thing that I did realize after posting several times is that I’m actually pulling the fixed price (Buy It Now) sales rather than auction sales. So I have changed my post title since this post.

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