Compare Local Advertising Prices For All Media Vs. A Domain

Mar 22 2012

We’ve talked about the cost of a national ad campaign but what about local?  If you run a Geo based website or want to promote in a local market how does that compare?   I live in a town with approx 200,000 plus another 40,000 students that aren’t counted due to their coming and going.   Part of running the local business is advertising so I have a decent grasp of our local advertising rates.  While these are certainly not exact they give you a sense of cost versus a solid domain



TV– Morning News 30 second spot…… $100

TV– 10 O’Clock News 30 second spot……..$500

TV  Prime Time 30 second spot average ………….$1000 (highly variable depending on show)

Newspaper  per column inch ……….$40

News’ Website per thousand impressions……………$20-40  (but pages are built for impressions and get average pageviews of 10-15 so skewed numbers)

Radio  60 Second Spot……………..$60

Billboard Per Month…………..$1500-2500 depending on location and cheaper if sign long term contract

Again,  these rates are by no means exact and change with circumstances.  But you get the point.  You can easily spend thousands of dollars on advertising per week.  Yet so many of the local businesses are using terrible domain names.  From dot net or dot biz versions of their name to throwing some random word at the end, all in the name of not spending more than $8 to register something.  They have no idea how much money they can save trying to get people to visit your site to find out more information.  It lets you save money trying to repeat a phone number or url.



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  1. David M

    I’m surprised at how affordable some of these mediums are. Are these prices through an advertising network, or direct contacts? Partnered with a good geo domain, this is a winner…

    1. Post author


      I purchase these direct through their sales people. You certainly can spend more but after time you figure out where you get the most bang for your buck.


  2. Eric

    I called NBC in Chicago some years back to get a price on a 30 minute late night / early morning spot for me and a friend to run an infomercial, the lady told me $225,000! Needless to say, we didn’t run the show, haha.

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