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Thursday’s List of Domain At Auction or Dropping Around the Net 3-22-12

You know what you get when you combine a 42 year old man, record high temperatures, and a Garden Center? A happy, exhausted, sunburned guy. Makes me want to get out and buy and sell some domains. I don’t know why it is, whenever I’ve worked super hard and come home exhausted I want to buy shit. The same thing happens when I lose money on something. I guess spending money makes me feel better. Hopefully this list makes YOU feel better. Per usual, if you get a name off the list I’d love to hear about it. Now on to today’s names. I figure if can sell for $11,900 then this is worth at least $1500  I think it hits $8K , maybe higher  Ron, you’re gonna do well with this fine name has some pretty good NNNN.coms up today  And one more  No bidder and doesn’t Valuate very well but I think you could do very well with this name  I’m so old I remember party talk phone lines.  Never used them because I was meeting chicks on the online bulletin boards.  Of course they always turned out to be 55 year old men. It’s a 1999 domain so that grabbed my attention but then I thought “who buys their dogs rings?” And then I think back to Pet Smart and the clothes they buy their pets and thought “Why not buy them a paw ring?”  Not a huge fan of the name but certainly worth owning at the right price   Cheaper than a two night stay  I bet it goes less than the valuate value I’ve done well with these type of names but you can take anyone involved in politics out of your potential buyer pool I like this one. Exotic looking and sounds a little like “cool”. But I also hate names that are confusing. So I guess I like it and hate it This could hit a pretty big number. Godaddy is loving these cloud droppers  One of the few decent names on Snapnames

Special thanks to DropDay and for making this list possible. Don’t get lost in the crowd. If you have a name up for auction and would like to feature it here on the list.  Drop me a line.

Domain Spotlight:

7 Replies to “Thursday’s List of Domain At Auction or Dropping Around the Net 3-22-12”

  1. I was about to back order VirusScanOnline at the very last minute. Maybe If you don’t post it on your blog then I properly get it for minimum price. Now it has 8 bidders. Thanks 2 u

  2. How have the 5 letter domain sales been this year? I haven’t seen you mention them in awhile. Thanks.

    1. Adam,

      They’ve been great, almost too great. I stopped talking about them because the prices have gotten so high I can barely pick up a good name for under $800. I was pumping them and in turn pumping the prices. I’ve held back while I try and add to my portfolio. I picked up for under $100 but that’s about the only decent name I’ve gotten cheap. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of 5L dot coms to buy cheap but 99% of them suck. I am still a buyer and a seller. I sell 4 or 5 a year for $2000 to $2500.

  3. $17 2 Bids – A Steal for a 99 reg $265 22 bids $11 close not sure where that sucker ended up at …

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