Coneflower dot com was one of the first domains I purchased when I first got into garden related domains.  As a nursery owner and a plant lover it is my favorite flower and a name I really wanted.  I contacted the owner and told him what I was willing to pay.  He replied back with a number 10 times the amount.  I let him know if he ever needed cash I would buy it from him instantly.  I sent him that email every so often just to make sure that I was the first one he contacted when he needed money.  I knew like all domainers he would at some point need some cash to buy a bigger name.  It worked and a year later it was in my possession.  Now the site I have is simple and crude but it does have some good pictures and information and now its in the first 3 urls on google for coneflower (no seo).  I plan on selling plants on the site next year but for the past few years I’ve kept the simple little site up and it’s done quite well.  I paid for the purchase price after two years and now it is free cash flow.  It helped me realize if I have 100 of these type sites I can make an extra $300-$400 a day.  Of course it takes a while and money to get 100 sites up and running but it take about a week to set them up and a few hours here and there to tweak them.  I have 10 of them up now but a stable of 30 more names that I am slowly working on.  My real nursery has done so well that  there are no extra hours to put into the sites but winter always provides me a chance to put up 5-10 new sites.  Next up,,

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