Love Em or Hate Em Sedo Still Rules

It’s certainly a love hate relationship for me as well.  Sedo is simply one of the few auction houses that regularly can get you top dollar for your domain name.  Others have tried but none have come close to matching what they offer.  Sure many of the auctions never get paid and when you buy,  they never transfer the domain,  but for the most time the auction goes well.  It takes forrrrrreeevvvver but it does happen.  I like and have auctioned a few domains over there as well but there is an incredible amount of poor names for an auction house that presently has only one name per day.  I expect much higher quality names and I do think that many domainers feel there are not enough active participants to put their name on the site.  Mine have always been successful but I do feel there are some names that are of lesser quality.  Sedo offers a free way to have your domains in the public eye and a nice combination of a quick and easy offer system as well as a to maximize your price if someone does make an offer.  I have found that if you take an offer to auction the perecentage of deadbeat bidders goes up if the original bidder wins the auction.  People who make offers on sedo are not patient.  They do not want to wait for an auction to get their domain.  Therefore I feel sometimes it’s better to counteroffer first and then discuss the auction option ahead a time to see if you are going to have a deadbeat bidder.  Not that it really matters because if you are happy with the total and they don’t pay, they only thing you lose it a little time and as a domainer I realize that making money takes a little time.

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