Courtesy of Kevin Ohashi: My Favorite 5L.coms Available for Hand Register

Apr 13 2011

Kevin Ohashi was kind enough to publish a list of available 5 letter domain names.  At the time of my writing all the names on my list were available for hand register.  Kevin has a much larger list but many of them are taken or in my opinion, not worth taking.  Here are the names I think are worth the $8. I’m sure many of you will say of all 2000+ names how did you pick those.  My answer is simple.  These are the names that I think sound, look, and spell the best.  And the reason for me not buying them?  I actually bought a few with one on the list below. (ok I admit it, I took this one and it’s not available)

If you do buy some of the names, here is a code to make the price $7.49   cjc749b010

To see the rest, visit Kevin’s Post

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  1. Adam

    Here’s a few from today that just dropped. Not the best, but the best for today:,,,

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