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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

A ton of solid names today. So many I didn’t even list all of the 4L dot coms on the board.  There haven’t been a ton of deals to be had as of late but then again if there were I don’t think anyone would let us in that they got them or tell us that they passed. Enjoy Only here because it’s a 1993 registration.  This one’s aged like a fine wine 1996 registration.  Fantastic fun and sun type domains I’m going to buy this one and sell it to Pincus and Zynga.  I’m gonna have Fusible cover the whole thing I’m going to buy this just to have my email as [email protected] I’ve always liked the CVCV dot coms with X.  They used to go cheap compared to other CVCV but that is changing. There are many a pond installer that would love this domain Will go for $2500 plus because of the 8 NNNN are coming up for auction more and more and the prices have all been over $1000 if they don’t have a 4 at the front. I’m guessing $1500 on this one 102 bidders.   Can’t do a much better job of describing what you company or site does than this name I’m sure Microsoft may have something to say about this but you can always claim you bought it because you have a panda of the same name Nano names have done very well and this is an actual product (and company) Gambling pick site, sports site.  And really you only have to update once a week I’ve said it 100 times here = cash

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