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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Looks like I screwed up my dates yesterday putting a lot of today’s names on yesterday’s list. There were plenty of great names left over for today’s list so no worries, I got you covered.  Enjoy The double 8 at the end will get this up in the 5K range plus. 1999 registration and a prefect name for selling mylar and other party balloons.  Factory makes you sound like you have a lot of them. You know what’s better than a “W”?  A triple u A superstrong paper that has a real future.  No bidders 4L dot coms with NY aka New York are money GTL baby.  I actually can’t remember what it stands for I do know they have this kid named the situation and by saying GTL I stay relevant with the 18-25 year old girls that I stare at. I don’t buy nnnn.coms but this one is very nice Something we are all searching for but ironically the best way to earn financial freedom is to sell information on how to achieve it. I like this CVCV but it’s a snapnames name so never sure if you’ll get a chance at it Double 7s.  Guessing $2000 or so

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3 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks”


    “4L dot coms with NY aka New York are money”

    Really? I recently had the opportunity to purchase a similar name but passed it up. You reckon that’s a good investment?

  2. Funnily enough I was just checking out Ron’s chart for this past week and it has listed as having sold for $4415.
    Man I shoulda bought that similar name!

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