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Creative Selling: Using Your Whois To Point Searchers to Your Site

creative-SellingNow you know how to use your whois to find out the value of your domains using my How Many Whois Searches Do You Have article.  You’ve seen what domains have interest based on the amount of whois searches.  If you’re like me you were amazed how many people searched for certain domains and how little people cared about the others.  The positive side there many domains that received hundreds of searches per month.  Why not use your portfolio to drive traffic to your blog or one of your sites?

I don’t use privacy protection because of two reasons.  One, I don’t care who knows what sites I own.  There are no adult or trademark infringing sites that I’m trying to hide. Two, I WANT people to find me.  I want to sell them the name.  As I looked at my large portfolio I thought to myself.  I have several thousand people looking at my whois.  Why not try and direct them to Domain Shane or one of my sites?  Sure there are bots doing many of the searches but there are also many real people looking at them as well, so here’s what I put.  VISIT DOMAINSHANE.COM FOR THIS NAME OR MORE ABOUT DOMAINING.  I put this in address number two and I’m pretty sure they can’t miss it.  Unfortunately I have to hand put it in all 400 of my domains but there is potentially a lot of customers/readers that will see this and while I have their attention I might as well sell my wares.

PS: Click on the picture above and you’ll see they’re selling wide angle lenses ( Hey, I thought it was a creative ad)

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