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Daily SitePicks: Tuesday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net

There are a few nice ones on the board today. I’m sure you’ve thought about this before. If you had a site that was making $150 a month and someone paid you 12 months revenue would you sell? In many cases people are. In my case, I would rather have the monthly income but I understand why others may take the payout. Here are a couple sites (and domains) that I think offer opportunity to generate some solid monthly revenue.   If you are a wordpress developer this would be a site you want to buy. Site is a PR5 blog about wordpress design.  We all know wordpress theme and plugin articles result in great adsense and affiliate money if you can rank.  Site is bringing in 41K a month and roughly $2500.   The reserve has already been met at $1500 which is less than a month’s revenue. The owner says he’s confident he didn’t need a high reserve. Let’s see if that pans out for him.  Could be a steal for a new buyer    A lead generation site for car rentals.  I’m not sure the site is the greatest buy on the board but it does reveal that CarTrawler is a great engine to build a site around.  I usually stay away from websites that sell likes, traffic, or other social media type actions but this site is a little different. I think it presents a very professional approach to helping companies with their social media.  If this is already your niche I think this would be a fantastic brand.  I realize a 1-888 phone number doesn’t make you professional but for the price you are getting a custom site and all the twitter and facebook accounts.  It’s a business in a box.  Not for the inexperienced social marketer though.  I think domain alone is worth the current asking price.  The site is a simple backlink and pagerank tracker which is easy enough to make but combined with the domain and a few upgrades to the program, you could have a pretty decent product.  Ironically, the site has few backlinks and traffic   Huge keyword and the net will keep it in range for those with a little more of a budget.  Still going to go for a few thousand

And Finally      Mike, one of the most biggest commenter on this blog, has a few domains for sale over at Flippa. It has 10 bids but still only at $80. A pretty good deal at that price for the list

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  1. Certain types of internet income are very, very ephemeral.

    If these were durable income streams, you’d see private equity and hedge funds fighting over ‘income generating websites’, paying 20 years earnings – 12% annual return.

    Kinda like when Warren Buffett realized he had surpassed the dogma of his mentors when he came to understand that it’s better to pay a modestly discounted price for a great business than a dirt cheap price for a mediocre one- there are websites I wouldn’t buy @ 6 months earnings, there are some sites I’d buy at 10 years earnings.

    Lots of things to consider.

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