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Dear Godaddy. You’re Doing a Great Job so Please Drop Danica and the Chicks

As a heterosexual man I love a good looking woman.  Add a little makeup and a ton of photoshop and Danica Patrick could fit that category , but let me point something out Bob. In my opinion,  Danica and the girls haven’t earned you one extra customer.  In fact you may have lost a few. Despite the fact that most men DO think about boobs every hour of the day, I don’t need a pair of them staring at me every time I bid another $10 on one of your expiring domains that you earn so much money off of.

And why the gambling site layout? I feel like every time I’m on your site a poker game could break out at any time.  Did I just buy a domain name or did I put $100 in my account to start a No Limit Hold Em game?  Then there’s the promo for your video log that looks like an ad for a “Girl’s Half Your Age” porn movie.  I’m not saying you’re into porn (obviously I might be with the previous reference) just that the layout of your registrar would suggest that you could lean that way. The older guy surrounded by photos of girls dressed in “Hooterish” clothing.

So again I ask this.   Is it necessary?  Do you think this image sells more domains, draws more attention, or make you stands out?   Does it make you more memorable than if you were to end every commercial with “GOOOOOOOOOOOO Daddy ….Whoop Whoop Whoop?  I think it’s kinda catchy and it wouldn’t offend my Mom.  I recommended GoDaddy to my Mom to register a personalized email and she had to wait until she got home because she was afraid the site wasn’t safe for work.  It would have been much better if she only had to turn down her volume because the site yells out “Goooooooooooooo Daddy…..Whoop Whoop Whoop” when you first log on.

In summary Bob, you’re site is great, easy to use, and has great customer service so give up the boobs.  Have some fun with the site.  Move towards smart comedy to promote and brand the site.  Get away from the robot monotone semi sexual race car driver and the C list models and hire Jon Stewart or Dennis Miller to promote your wares.  Or save your money and just go with the whoop whoop thing.

PS I am for hire if you want more of my ideas………………………I didn’t think so

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8 Replies to “Dear Godaddy. You’re Doing a Great Job so Please Drop Danica and the Chicks”

  1. You must have been reading my mind with regards to Danica Patrick. She’s simply bland and plain compared to the ‘bazooka boob babes’ of the other GoDaddy girls. But worry not. For a quick ‘shrinker’ visit – which GoDaddy approved, incidentally.

  2. *

    I cringe every time I log on my account.

    GD is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tawdry and ridiculously inane.

    I think Bob Parsons is still stuck in an 8th grade circle jerk.


  3. Marketing at its best. Why? Because you and 1000’s of others are talking about it. Word of mouth spreads quite fast specially if you’re posting it on a website that gets 1000’s of views.

    In my opinion, they have balls for not caring what others think and just do what they want. However, I do agree, they tend to over kill with the boobs popping out on almost every page and their layout “IS” cluttered like Shane said, a poker game can pop out any moment.

    Just missing the server girls with big boobs in tight dresses to deliver the free boos.

  4. Uh oh Shane.

    How are you going to feel about the forthcoming
    “GoDaddy Guys”?

    You can read about it here in the comments section of this Domain Gang blog post:

    I was going to nominate Lucius “Guns” Fabrice to be the first GoDaddy Guy but he sort of politely declined.

    He just wants the prize money and not the free boob job that comes with the honor.

    Then I was going to nominate Giovanni ‘Crazee’ Mossolini but apparently there is some gender confusion going on and he/she already has boobs.

    So if you are up for it, I’d like to nominate you to be the first GoDaddy Guy.

    It would be a feather in the cap of your blog. 🙂

    Up for it?

    Then I was going to nominate

  5. If they had a GD dog it would probably work just as well.

    Anyhow, I like real women…..not plastic-looking, mindless bimbos. In the old days GD showed a blonde girl that looked like the girl next door with a refreshing smile. That was nice.

    Why do models never smile? That is so unattactive. You never seen Danica smilinig. Who does not like a smile? 🙂

  6. Here is my interesting story about that is in align with this topic.

    One time I was having an issue with my bank account, so I needed the bank rep to review the charges. She saw the charges on my bank statement from “Go Daddy” and said, “Oh Gosh Godaddy, my son is into that too”. I asked if he was into internet marketing”. She said, “No, he likes porn too.” And then I went on to explain what Godaddy truly was.

    So not only does the name GoDaddy give off the impression of adult entertainment, but the images on their site does as well.

    I think it is time for Godaddy to clean it up a little.

  7. Are you guys for real. Godaddy is a billion dollar company and now you guys are the experts on how they should run the company.

    When you become millionaires maybe you can give your opinion

    1. First of all, grow a pair and come out from behind the fake email and name. Learn to have the confidence and intelligence to speak your mind and not worry about debate and the cynicism that comes from those that disagree. We are merely speaking our opinion and put out there to see if there may be others that agree. You don’t but rather than give yours, you criticize. A weak minded attempt at that. Secondly, I AM a millionaire and although I may not be able to run Godaddy as well as Bob, I am pretty sure I could do a better job marketing this excellent company. Money doesn’t necessarily give you the ability to make good financial decisions. If you made the millions yourself it may give you the experience but every business is different.

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