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Saturday’s Top 10 Funny Domain Quotes

Always have a good laugh reading through DnForum’s “Domaining Quotes” section.   Here are 10 that made me laugh

1.   “ICANN holding meetings in fancy places through domain registrations”  David Farber, Carnegie Mellon

2.  “We’ve taken a look at the 11 most expensive domain names to date.  Not surprisingly, most are breasts, booze, and “bling” heavy”    -Huffington Post

3. Although we do have development plans for this domain, we would be willing to consider any serious offer.  -hundreds of domain forum posters

4. “Arriving at the real value of a domain is like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black dog – that just might not be there…

5. ” If you registered it today, it’s worthless today” —  pcproffeno of dnforum

6.   “I think I’ll pass on your name.  If I want  shitty domains I can look through my own portfolio ”  Me responding to a domainer trying to sell me a name through email

7.   “Don’t swallow it just because it tastes good”  Rick Schwartz on believing data

8. “The auction houses need to concentrate on only two things. 1.  Good domains. 2. Making the “right” buyers aware of the auction”    -Michael Berkens   (I find it funny because it’s such a simple concept yet most still don’t follow it)

9. Should I rename my company  -Rick Latona      (In hindsight you have to admit this was funny )

10. I see it( .mobi)  as the next best extension to dot com and really nobody needs to agree with me. The more folks disagree, the more I know I am on the right track. So save the naysaying for 5 years not 5 minutes. Then we can discuss why so many of my good friends missed such a winner. They will just say…..”Damn, Rick was right again”.   – Rick Schwartz     (he can’t win them all)

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